Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife is a psychotherapist who focuses on issues surrounding female sexuality and feminism within the LDS framework. Questions are asked from listeners and answered on the podcast.

The CES Podcast: Hebrews Chp. 7-10 (episode 54; 203)

How does Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews try to show Jesus's superiority to important figures from Judaism (the Hebrew Bible)? Why is Jesus compared to Melchizedek? How is Mormonism's interpretation of Levitical and Melchizedek Priesthood different than what is...

15 Ways To Be More Inclusive

A dear friend of mine was recently called to her Stake Young Women presidency. She asked for my suggestions on how she and other leaders could be more inclusive of young women and LGBTQ+ youth. With the help of some of my peers and friends, I compiled a list of...

The CES Podcast: Hebrews 4:14-Chp. 6 (episode 53; 200)

What is all this confusing business we read about Melchizedek in The Letter to the Hebrews? What does The Letter to the Hebrews mean when speaking of milk and meat? Who was the priest, Zadok? All these questions and more are answered on this podcast episode which...

Heavenly Mother

Heavenly Mother, are You really there? I have an aching heart and I need You here. Some say Your name is too sacred to say, But still my soul, it seeks You anyway. Heavenly Mother, I can sense You near. When I search my heart, I know I feel You here I think I hear You...

More Mariology from Michelle Mormon

On a Personal Note: I am currently taking a fascinating course in Mariology through my PhD studies. This was a recent paper I wrote that you may find to be of interest. I hope you find this helpful in your own search for Heavenly Mother. - Sincerely, Michelle Mormon...

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LGBTQ Mormon Crisis

The Barker Brothers’ Projects

“…we are asking our Church leaders to inquire of the Lord if the one year wait on the temple sealing can be changed…”

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King Jr.

These videos were created for Latter-day Saint parents and allies to voice their love for their LGBT brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. They want to give a message of comfort and support to other parents who are navigating the difficult conflicts that can arise in families around this issue.

Cogito!” (“I think!”) follows the intellectual adventures of a recovering academic outside the walls of academia.

Quote of the Month

"It is not as a child that I believe and confess Jesus Christ. My hosanna is born of a furnace of doubt." (Fyodor Dostoevsky)