Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife is a psychotherapist who focuses on issues surrounding female sexuality and feminism within the LDS framework. Questions are asked from listeners and answered on the podcast.

Ten models of prophetic revelation in an LDS context

Through the course of my life I have met Latter-day Saints who believe some version of prophetic infallibility, despite the fact that most Latter-day Saints and leaders agree that prophetic infallibility is not an official teaching of the LDS Church. In other words,...

Are The Temple Changes Good? Mormon Women Speak (Episode 19, 342)

Join Miguel and Lesley as they speak with Bryndis and Norienne regarding the recent changes to the temple endowment. Are the recent temple changes good? What has the response been from the Mormon Feminist community? Are apologies necessary for this issue? Is there further marginalization that has occurred because of these changes? How do women of color feel about these temple changes? What do these changes tell us about possible future paths for the church? Does it pave the way for women’s ordination?

ISAIAH GOES STREAKING – The Weird and Wild Old Testament (episode 31; 337)

– Does Isaiah 7:14-15 really prophecy of the Virgin Birth of Jesus of Nazareth?

– Why do prophets almost always try to run away from their calling as prophet?

– What does HOLINESS mean within the context of Judaism and Early Christianity”

– Dr. Sheldon Greaves actually makes Isaiah interesting as he puts Isaiah’s writings in historical context in this episode of The Weird and Wild Old Testament

Still Seeking Further Light And Knowledge

The news of the recent feminist-centered changes to the temple has brought joy and rejoicing to many. That is important. It is valid. But it also brings sadness and grief to others. This, too, is important and valid. These are steps forward. As one Mormon Feminist...

Standing Between Covenants

This past Saturday, I received my endowment under the “old” covenant wording. So the very recent announcement about the changes came as a total shock. I naturally began to wonder if the covenants I made to my husband not even a week ago was suddenly retroactive. How...

Assyrians, Syrians, Israelites, & Jews! OH MY! The Weird and Wild Old Testament(episode 30; 335)

-Do you find Isaiah boring?
-Are the 10 Lost Tribes really hiding under the Polar Ice Caps?
-Do you find Isaiah too hard to read?
-Do you just not want to read Isaiah?
-Would you rather gouge your eyes out than read Isaiah?
_Would you rather drink a whole pot of coffee than listen to another “interpretation” of Isaiah?
-Do you doubt the conferences where they “UNLOCK THE MYSTERIES OF ISAIAH?”

You are not alone!!

Dr. Sheldon Greaves actually makes Isaiah interesting as he puts Isaiah’s writings in historical context in this episode of The Weird and Wild Old Testament. Miguel didn’t believe it could be done, but is now a convert and you can be too!

Bread for Asherah

“and the women knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven” – Jeremiah 7:18 Back when I was 17, I wanted more than anything to go to Bible college, so I went with my Baptist youth group to Columbia, South Carolina to visit the school. But my parents would...

The Problems With Bishop Interviews, Part 2 – Mormon Women Speak Podcast (episode 18; 339)

What are the problems with Bishops Interviews within the Mormon church? Is this practice harmful? How can it been seen as something necessary if it causes harm?

An Advent Reflection on Mary Magdalene

  The following is a paraphrased summary of a presentation given by Reverend Griffin Phillips as part of a series of Advent Luncheon Speaking Events held at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Danville, Kentucky on December 17, 2018. Griffin is an...

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LGBTQ Mormon Crisis

The Barker Brothers’ Projects

“…we are asking our Church leaders to inquire of the Lord if the one year wait on the temple sealing can be changed…”

These videos were created for Latter-day Saint parents and allies to voice their love for their LGBT brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. They want to give a message of comfort and support to other parents who are navigating the difficult conflicts that can arise in families around this issue.

Cogito!” (“I think!”) follows the intellectual adventures of a recovering academic outside the walls of academia.

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"It is not as a child that I believe and confess Jesus Christ. My hosanna is born of a furnace of doubt." (Fyodor Dostoevsky)