The Podcast

The Rational Faiths Podcast is the best Podcast on the Blabbernacle!!! We like to discuss and dissect just about anything that might be of interest or affect Mormons. We look at the world through a Mormon lens and look at Mormonism through a lens of the wider world. The important thing we do is really simply KEEPING MORMONSIM WEIRD!

Podcast Themes

Top Ten Books on Mormon History

The Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith by Matthew Bowman
Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Bushman
Massacre at Mountain Meadows by Ron Walker, Richard Turley and Glen Leonard
The Mormon Question by Sarah Barringer Gordon
More Wives Than One: Transformation of the Mormon Marriage System 1840-1910 by Kathryn Daynes
Religion of a Different Color: Race and the Mormon Struggle for Whiteness by Paul Reeve
The Politics of American Religious Identity: The Seating of Senator Reed Smoot, Mormon Apostle by Kathleen Flake
The Angel and the Beehive: THE MORMON STRUGGLE WITH ASSIMILATION by Armand Mauss
David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism by Greg Prince and William Robert Wright
Pedestals and Podiums: Utah Women, Religious Authority, and Equal Rights by Martha Bradley

The Very Human Mormon Mind

Part 1 Priming
Part 2 Confirmation Bias
Part 3 Group-think, Pluralistic Ignorance and Cults
Part 4 The Illusion of Asymmetric Insight
Part 5 Anger
Part 6 Memory

Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist

Part 1 Processing guilt from harlequin romance novels and re-framing desire
Part 2 Virgin’s on wedding night and also fantasy in a sexual relationship.
Part 3 Cultivating desire followed by how to decide what you and your spouse are okay with in the bedroom
Part 4 Sexual trauma, managing nudity with children, and developing sexuality as a single
Part 5 Teaching young women about the law of chastity and the problem of pornography
Part 6 Re-framing masturbation/sexuality for children/youth and staying sexy while accepting the effects of age.
Part 7 Rekindling the desire that seems to have been lost soon after marriage and how to think about fantasy in a monogamous sexual relationship
Part 8 Sexuality for singles who are keeping their commitment to chastity and the balancing of parenting labor with sex life
Part 9 How the high desire partner can best contribute to a relationship that is sexually dysfunctional but also in the process of healing (hint: not necessarily just being patient), and male ownership of sexual desire.
Part 10 Raising children, particularly our daughters, to own their sexuality; the second question is in concern of worthiness interviews with a Bishop, either with a young person or with an adult female.
Part 11  The effect of pornography and previous sexual experiences on the other partner’s desire for sex in a relationship, and the legitimacy of sexuality in long distance marital relationships (phone sex).
Part 12 The cultural anxiety surrounding oral sex in a married relationship, and in the second question we discuss objectification and appropriate lust.

Out of the Best Podcasts

Parenting 101
Moral Psychology 101
Charitable Giving 101
Let’s talk about Racism

Faith Transitions

Part 1 Jonathan Cannon, Lori Burkman and Jeremy Timothy
Part 2 Janan Russell, and Russell Stevenson
Part 1 Kirk Caudle
Part 2 Kirk Caudle

Sunstone Stuff

Diverse Mormons Part 1
Diverse Mormons Part 2
Diverse Mormons Part 3
Sunstone Kirtland Recap
Sunstone Kirtland Presentation (Navigating Online Mormonism)


The Big Bang
An Old Earth

Author Interviews

Adam Miller Letters to a Young Mormon
Alex Beam American Crucifixion
Jennifer Mackley Wilford Woodruff’s Witness
Melissa Leilani Larson Playwright
Nancy Phippen Browne Help Thou Mine Unbelief
Steve Peck A Short Stay in Hell and others
Craig Harline Way Below The Angels
Margaret Blair Young Heart of Africa (film)
Jedediah Rogers The Council of 50 – A Documentary History

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The Host

Brian D.Brian Dillman

Brian was born and raised in Northern Utah and is now working as a chemist in Ohio. He has one wife and three children. He currently serves in the ward elders quorum presidency. He likes to eat good food, and build cool things.