Does the church really protect predators and enable abusers? What happens when a victim pursues legal action or justice from the church or those associated with the church? Are there patterns of practice that take place within the litigation process with the church or the church’s attorneys? What are some of the tactics used by attorney’s for the church to victim-shame, victim-blame, gas-light, and retaliate against victims who seek legal justice?

We cover:

-Possible reasons why the Mormon church spends millions to defend abusive predators

-Challenges in pursuing legal justice when it comes to the church and it’s leaders

-Why it is healthy to want justice and accountability and the misconceptions that exist with this narrative in the Mormon community

-How the hierarchal structure of the church influences local actions by leaders and members

-Formal and informal tactics used to punish and discourage members from speaking out against wrong-doings

Lesley sits down with Tom and Juliette, Pat and Karena, and Sam Young for a round table discussion comparing notes and putting pieces together when it comes to pursuing legal action against the church or its affiliates for abuse. These two families share their story and experiences in dealing with the churches legal team, interacting with Kirton McConkie, seeking refuge from abusive and unethical leaders, and grappling with disappointment and disbelief seeing members who willingly falsely represent the truth in order to protect the church.

***This episode contains discussion of sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, abuse of power and authority, church cover-up, legal abuse and tactics and comes with a strong trigger warning.***


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Lesley holds an RN, BSN from the University of Texas. Lesley has authored several published articles across a variety of platforms and is a frequent media contributor. She functions as a Community Health Nurse for vulnerable populations and serves as a survivor advocate for victims of abuse. She aims to raise awareness of the effects of trauma on individuals and how trauma impacts community systems. Lesley has certifications and training in Trauma-Informed Care, Community Advocacy, Faith and Spiritual Development, Familial Mental Health, Culturally Competent Care, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Resiliency Development. Lesley lives in Virginia with her 4 children and her really hyper chihuahua, named Chaos.

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