Polygamy, Really?

Oct 24, 14 Polygamy, Really?

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Really? God sent an angel with a flaming sword to Joseph Smith to tell him about polygamy(1)? Is that what we are going with? Are we all ok with that? If God is in the business of sending angels down, wouldn’t it be nice if he sent Joseph a message that was more useful than say the terrible practice of polygamy? I know, I...

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Why Single Saints Stay Single

As church membership grows, so does it demographics.  It should come as no surprise to anyone then, that we should see an increase of our Singles population.  It would appear that in recent years, the single community, and mainly the mid-singles (31+) have become the focal point for many a discussion among church leaders. So what...

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The Doctrine of Celibacy

Oct 18, 14 The Doctrine of Celibacy

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When Mormons speak of the Law of Chastity, they often define it as remaining celibate until marriage.  In actuality, it would be more properly defined as remaining abstinent until marriage.  Today, the words abstinent and celibate are frequently used interchangeably, but in practice they are quite different.  Abstinence, as...

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When Religion Creates Dragons

     Last February I wrote my first piece for Rational Faiths called When it Comes to Equality, Which Side of History Are You On? I have been very proud of my writing for Rational Faiths as a whole, but there’s something about that piece that makes it my favorite; the one I’m most proud of. It explains my transition...

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Sin Next to Murder

The views expressed in this document are the author’s and do not reflect the opinions of the Department of the Air Force, the Department of Defense or the Federal Government.   Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine the following four situations: A husband and wife kidnap a child. Other than the kidnapping, they do not...

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The Rise of Modern Mormonism

I volunteered to give the presentation on Mormons, it sounded like a good idea at the time, for my New Religious Movements class. My presentation pulls form the work of Rodney Stark. At the time of his work, he asserted that the LDS Church is the fastest growing religion in the world. While I had heard Starks work quoted...

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Scripture as Totem: Religion and the Importance of the Text

It is easily recognized that throughout the history of religious traditions texts have served an important role in the continued conceptualization and endurance of the individual faith traditions.[1] In the history of studies on religion, monographs, essays, articles, and books have mostly focused on attempting to interpret these...

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Faith Crisis via Elder Andersen

General Conference is an important semi-annual event in the lives of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is a time that we hope our revered church leaders will provide us with edifying messages that will uplift and sustain us in the coming months. I went into last weekends conference really needing the...

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No Compromise

Oct 08, 14 No Compromise

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I have no qualms about calling sexual objectification–in all of its forms–evil. Not merely distasteful, ridiculous, or absurd. But evil. Yes, it sends a wave of guilt, but given the vitality of the #YesAllWomen campaign, it is guilt well-applied. I grew up in a household filled with men (four male siblings and one,...

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How I Stopped Doubting – Does Elder Andersen’s Advice Work?

Doubts and Faith Crises  A faith crisis in Mormonism is often caused by doubts in doctrine, practice, or history of the Church. Doubts come when new information conflicts with our prior beliefs about the Church. How do we overcome these doubts? One example is a question I had early on when I began to study Mormonism more earnestly:...

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