The Elusive Book of Mormon Lands

I’ve grown up with a love of the Book of Mormon. The culture of Book of Mormon love has been strong as long as I’ve been alive, since Benson gave his big Book of Mormon talk before I was born. I’ve read the Book of Mormon dozens of times. We owned all of the Living Scriptures Book of Mormon tapes and had worn out most of them....

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The King James Bible in the Book of Moses, Part I

With the recent publication of David Bokovoy’s Authoring the Old Testament: Genesis-Deuteronomy, many have wondered to what extent the Bible has had influence on the Book of Moses. The discussion has mainly revolved around the parts of the text that are obvious revisions of the Genesis creation chapters (Genesis 1, 2-3) that...

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Ask Dr. Finlayson-Fife

GREAT NEWS EVERYBODY!   We are going to be interviewing the amazing and brilliant Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife on our next podcast.  Jennifer is an expert on…erm, well Mormon virtue, but like when it’s OK to not be a virtue anymore. Wait no; she is an expert on morality. The kind of morality that exists between a husband...

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NCMO: A Brief Cultural History

Apr 10, 14 NCMO: A Brief Cultural History

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Duck, North Carolina—home to one of the most conservative beaches in the country—seems a strangely suitable site for modern coming-of-age stories in the Mormon single adult community. Remote, humble, and isolated, Duck Beach serves as the unofficial mecca for a host of Mormon single adult looking for love, fun—and other things...

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Living Scriptures

I went west seeking God. I wanted to knock at the door and made it known that I am seeking the greater light. A burning in my heart was the Spirit’s testimony that what I was doing was right for me. In a sea of people, and under a storm of hail and insults I walked. Singing my song unto the Lord, I waited. I approached the...

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No We Won’t Ask

I work hard to be publicly positive. I tend toward depression, and I found I was much happier when I distanced myself from current events news and activism that is just about trying to get my voice heard. I look for ways to do things with more immediate effects, because that makes me happy. Calling for peace in Iraq before the...

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Lying for the Lord?

  The LDS Church is currently engaged in a systematic and officially endorsed effort to misrepresent some of its teachings to the outside world. This is not a new phenomenon.  As far back as the Nauvoo period, “Joseph [Smith] publicly and repeatedly denied he was advocating polygamy” while simultaneously marrying upwards...

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Why No Revelation?

One of the reasons I fell in love with Mormonism is that while investigating the Church I read the word “Ohio” in the D&C. This may seem an odd reason to some but for me it was evidence that this was a Church all about the here and now. Joseph prophesied about current events. He was a Prophet who revealed with...

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Attending the Priesthood Session like I’m the Queen of Persia

Apr 04, 14 Attending the Priesthood Session like I’m the Queen of Persia

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Tomorrow evening I will walk with my sisters… or more accurately stand in line with my sisters—and seek admittance into the priesthood session of general conference. Many are calling it a protest. I’m inclined to dismiss the complaint, because it would seem these days that when anyone does something that others find...

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For Our Daughter. Again.

Last October, I wrote a post about my wife’s involvement with Ordain Women and their initial appearance in the standby line at General Conference, requesting entry to the General Priesthood Session. It’s a short post, and you should read it for context here. For Our Daughter At the time, Danielle and I had not begun...

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