(The text of the post was originally a post on Carol Lynn Pearson’s Facebook page on July 23, 2015.) I have been made aware of three new suicides within the last ten days–all of these in Utah, two young men and one young woman, all three known to be gay and LDS.  These last several weeks have been deeply troubling for...

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A Modest Clarification

It has come to my attention that some Mormons have had “questions” regarding prophetic priorities. I’ll break it down so that even a child can understand: if the Prophets and Apostles are talking about something, it matters. If they aren’t talking about it, it doesn’t matter. Let me give you some examples. Find me...

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If the Church came to me for therapy

In preparation for the 2nd annual Mormon Mental Health Conference (July 29, 2015), I’ve been reflecting on my work as a therapist within Mormon culture as I’m sure are many of my  colleagues who will be presenting to other mental health professionals at the conference. I’m looking forward to the conference and...

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How Shall We Continue in The Silencing?

Imagine how Mary Magdalene must have felt on the morning of the Resurrection, being the first person to see the risen Christ. Imagine too how she must have felt later on when she would be forever silenced for her testimony: “I have seen the Lord: such is the story of the Resurrection as told in the Gospel of John. With it begins...

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11 Signs You’re Dating an RM from the 19th Century…It Took Me a Minute to Get #3!

The Mormon dating world is rife with expectations and standards. One of the most golden ones has been that women should seek out an RM (returned missionary) for any worthwhile long-term relationship. Apparently the longer the name-tag is worn, the more sin and error fall off the wearer’s spirit, helping them become more...

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66: Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist Part 9

http://media.blubrry.com/rationalfaiths/p/rationalfaiths.com/podcast/66DrFifePart9.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS In this episode of “Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist” Brian talks with  Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife about how the high desire partner can best contribute to a relationship that is...

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We are not (religiously) free until we’re all (religiously) free

Jul 16, 15 We are not (religiously) free until we’re all (religiously) free

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I have tried to start this piece dozens of times, each one coming up short. The thing is, there is no easy or comfortable way to confront the reality that is the terrorism sweeping black churches in the United States. This latest wave all starts with the Emanuel African American Methodist Episcopal Church and one Dylann Roof. On...

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65: Top Ten Books on Mormon History – More Wives Than One

http://media.blubrry.com/rationalfaiths/p/rationalfaiths.com/podcast/65TopTenBooks-MoreWives.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Polygamy, polygamy, polygamy! We can’t get enough of polygamy! Nohing has captured the attention of the world about Mormons more than the practice of...

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Boy Scouts, Mormonism, and Me

Jul 08, 15 Boy Scouts, Mormonism, and Me

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I come from a proud tradition of Eagle Scouts. My father and his 10 brothers hold the world record for most Eagle scouts in a single family [1]. It’s a record so unimportant the family remains unsuccessful in getting the Guinness Book of World Records to take notice. Despite Guinness’s ambivalence, my family made sure the...

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LDS Church Responds to Supreme Court Monogamy Decision

Jul 07, 15 LDS Church Responds to Supreme Court Monogamy Decision

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 10, 1879 As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we acknowledge the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court Reynolds vs. United States which holds that men may be married to one woman and one woman only. While acknowledging the ruling, we strongly disagree with the Court as it...

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