Let It Go

It was the song heard round the world. Over and over and over and OVER again. And we’re still listening to it. As sick as I sometimes get of hearing it, it also never really gets old. I often find myself singing my Let It Go guts out in the car with my little girls. Why do we all love it so much? (Or I suppose some people hate...

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American Temples

Feb 25, 15 American Temples

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American Temples by Scott Jarvie is a beautiful tribute to LDS Temples built in the United States. Scott spent more than a year living on the road out of an Airstream, traveling more than 40,000 miles from the west coast to the east and back again five times, photographing each LDS temple as he went. Some people might him crazy at...

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Spells, Incantations, Ordinances and Covenants

Feb 24, 15 Spells, Incantations, Ordinances and Covenants

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I went to the Temple for the first time when I was nineteen, in preparation for my mission. I had taken a temple prep class but the culture of secrecy didn’t serve me well. For instance, until I was seventeen, I thought that I would have to go through the Temple in the buff! When I finally did go, I fully expected to see...

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Confessions of a Misanthropic Misandronist

I have a deep, dark secret that I have lived with for too much of my life. I hate my gender. Maybe I don’t hate to the point I feel born the wrong gender or wish to change or anything. I just have a deep seated loathing of what men are and by extension, what I am. At least, I loathe what I have been taught all my life, in...

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Sacred Spaces: For Men Only

I’ve been trying to think of how to approach this subject as recent events in the last few years have made women’s treatment in the Church a hot-button issue sure to elicit immediate knee-jerk responses of all kinds. Add to that my deeply ingrained cultural upbringing that comes from being a Minnesotan Mormon woman, and...

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Ancient Jewish Parallels and Mormon Scripture

In my research at the University of Utah I have mainly focused on Hebrew and Jewish studies, but have had the opportunity of taking a good sampling of courses on Mormon history, text, and practice as well. Both in and out of class I have read many studies that seek to understand Mormon scripture better in its own context, and in...

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The Price We Pay: Why We Listen to John Dehlin

Feb 12, 15 The Price We Pay: Why We Listen to John Dehlin

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Dear Saints: It has been exactly eight months since we learned that Kate Kelly and John Dehlin, the voices that resonate with us, outrage us, or perhaps annoy us, were on the road to losing their membership. Exactly eight months later, we stand at the end of a long, hard, and taxing road. Alongside John Dehlin, the man both...

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The Inquisition of John Dehlin

Feb 10, 15 The Inquisition of John Dehlin

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I am incensed about the events surrounding the inquisition of John Dehlin. The more I think about it, the madder I get. And then it hits me. I am the one to blame. Why? For thinking. If there is one thing the LDS Church does not want its members to do, it is think. Any organization that depends for its success on strict conformity...

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Mixed Messages and Missing Doctrine

This post was co-authored by Jake Abhau and Lori Burkman. After having many discussions on the current events and press conferences of late, we wanted to put our thoughts into an essay that describes the lack of clarity on so many things. Where did we come from? Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? It’s the set of...

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45: Heart of Africa with Margaret Blair Young

Feb 08, 15 45: Heart of Africa with Margaret Blair Young

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We as Americans can often be fairly egocentric, and thus our understandings of differing countries and cultures can be fairly poor. In this episode, we speak with Margaret Blair Young, who is currently working on a project which challenges some of the misconceptions surrounding Africa. To learn more about this project visit the...

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