Our book review section features reviews from Rational Faiths as well as guest reviewers. The reviews are opinion-based and hopefully will spark curiosity and conversation about the books that are chosen. We are always looking for guest reviewers. This is not limited to Mormons – all faiths are welcome. We appreciate diversity and seeing things through filters other than our own. Additionally, if you are a publisher or author that would like your book reviewed on our blog, please contact us.

Snakes Alive!

by Michelle Wiener I am thoroughly convinced that if Disney ever came out with their own version of the biblical creation story, the snake would come out swinging its hips and singing, “I ain’t so bad after all.” Recently my husband and I watched the new Noah movie starring Russell Crowe (*this blog post contains a spoiler...

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Book Review:_Touching His Robe_ by Leslie G. Nelson

Touching His Robe: Reaching Past the Shame and Anger of Abuse by Leslie G. Nelson focuses on the path back to peace and a relationship to Christ, after suffering abuse.  First and foremost the book—and probably this post—should come with a big fat trigger warning.  I think Nelson actually does a pretty good job of addressing...

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American Crucifixion

For those too busy (lazy; often both in my case) to read this whole thing: the book is great; it reads more like a novel than a dry history book; it’s fair in its treatment of history although it sacrificed historical nuances (Mormons and “Mormon-haters” are each likely to find interpretations they disagree with)...

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009: Interview w/Author Adam Miller

Jun 10, 14 009: Interview w/Author Adam Miller

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An interview with Adam Miller, author of “Letters to a Young Mormon,” in which we discuss aspects of faith that are deeper and broader than we often think. We covered gospel principles such as grace and charity, which we often give lip service to but do not necessarily think of how we ignore or implement them in our times of...

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Common Ground Different Opinions

“Common Ground Different Opinions” is a collection of essays dealing with contemporary Latter Day Saint issues. I received my copy of the book shortly after April General Conference. It was a time when raw emotion fueled heated discussions on everything from the ordination of women to fallen prophets. That weekend was for me...

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AUTHORING THE OLD TESTAMENT: GENISIS-DEUTERONOMY – A BOOK REVIEW by Michael Barker I’m not sure when I first learned of the documentary hypothesis, but I do remember when I first heard that Dr. David Bokovoy was working on a book that would introduce the documentary hypothesis to an LDS audience. It was during a Mormon...

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A Review of Diary Of Two Mad Black Mormons

May 07, 14 A Review of Diary Of Two Mad Black Mormons

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Title: Diary Of Two Mad Black Mormons Authors: Zandra Vranes and Tamu Smith Page Count: 240 Publisher: Ensign Peak IBSN: 160907839X The last book I saw with “black” and “Mormon” in the title came in the form of Last Laborer: Thoughts and Reflections Of A Black Mormon, randomly (or cleverly) placed on a table outside the...

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An Insider’s View–a personal review

An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins by Grant Palmer is two important things. First, it is an accessible account of a large number of often unfamiliar historical facts regarding the foundational stories of Mormonism. These include difficulties in understanding what Joseph Smith meant when he said he ‘translated’ ancient...

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We Brought All The Wrong Things

My name is Allison Jensen, I am currently completing my undergrad degree in the English Honours program at the University of Calgary; I’m going to be doing a Master’s in Contemporary Literary Studies at Lancaster University in the Fall and can hardly contain my nerdy excitement.  Paul has asked me quite a few times to...

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Mormonism in Transition

A review of Mormonism in Transition, available through Greg Kofford Books. If you want to skip to the quotes, click here. During the ‘Camelot Era’ of Leonard Arrington the church history department had plans to release a series of Mormon history for the church’s sesquicentennial. It was to be a 16 volume series on...

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