Leah Marie Silverman

Leah Marie has lived all over the country, and currently resides in Virginia, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She earned a BA in Political Science at BYU, and a Masters in Public Administration at Boise State. She is currently working towards her PhD in Public Policy through Walden University. She is wife to an English professor, and mother to 3 beautiful boys.

It’s not the America I Thought it Was

Jul 06, 15 It’s not the America I Thought it Was

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With the celebration of Independence Day this weekend, I found myself reminiscing about how I used to feel about this holiday.  In my early adulthood, I was wildly patriotic, having grown up in a culture that values this kind of zealotry for the motherland. I celebrated with reverence the story I was told about a people seeking...

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Going to See Mad Max is Like Going to the Temple

And I don’t really mean that in a good way. It’s not that the movie was bad.  It was a bit absurd for me, but still a great action flick. I’ve decided they just had an excellent PR team.  Because they knew that if you say something enough times, and give it enough buzz, people will believe it.  Like telling a child that a red drink...

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Being Barren on Mother’s Day

May 01, 15 Being Barren on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is approaching, and for me this means an annual pilgrimage through memories of past Mother’s Days. I’ve never really been able to grasp the celebration of the day, because all I can remember is how painful it once was, and how painful it is for many other women that I know and love. When my husband and I first decided...

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Apostle Wish-List

Apr 24, 15 Apostle Wish-List

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Though Mormons don’t like to outright say it, it’s pretty clear that it won’t be too long before we’ll have some new apostles among the 12. While it is a futile effort to try and guess with any accuracy who will be selected to fill any vacancies, a few of us here at Rational Faiths (Laurel, Leah Marie, and...

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Upon The Cross

The cross has a long history in religious culture. Even before Christianity, variations of the cross were used as a symbol of life and consecration. The cross became a popular symbol among Christians a few hundred years after Christ’s death. It has become a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice and the Atonement. Mormons don’t use the...

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Learning to Write my Name

I have this memory nestled into the recesses of my brain that pops up every now and again. It is from when I was about four years old, which is remarkable; my memories from early childhood are few and far between. I don’t know why this one stands out, but it is fairly clear. I’m sitting at the coffee table in our living room, with...

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I Am The Little Drummer Boy

My favorite Christmas song has, for years, been “The Little Drummer Boy.” It is the one which most closely resembles my relationship to my Savior. There are probably other choices that would seem more obvious. “O Holy Night”? “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”? “Joy to the World”? Those are all songs I love, and they to speak to me. But...

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The Temple Recommend: Admission to the House of the Lord

Nov 12, 14 The Temple Recommend: Admission to the House of the Lord

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Since the days of the Exodus, the people of God have been instructed to seek divine audience on holy ground. From the first mentions of it in the Bible, we learn that this temple communion is so important that the House of the Lord was made portable. Moses led the people through the desert with tabernacle in hand so that this...

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Oh Wretched Woman That I Am

Oct 03, 14 Oh Wretched Woman That I Am

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I have a lot of conversations about the priesthood. Most of these are about women’s ordination to the priesthood. I can’t tell you how many times in these conversations that people have reverted back to the old trope that women are more spiritual/service oriented/closer to God and so they don’t *need* to exercise the priesthood....

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Have You Had The Ordain Women Conversation?

Sep 02, 14 Have You Had The Ordain Women Conversation?

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On May 15th of this year, Ordain Women launched their Conversations project.  Throughout the summer, new segments were released that encouraged discussion about the issue of women’s ordination in the LDS church.  For anyone who is interested, these are a great tool for exploring the issues, concerns, and possibilities on this...

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