Leah Marie Silverman

Leah Marie has lived all over the country, and currently resides in Virginia, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She earned a BA in Political Science at BYU, and a Masters in Public Administration at Boise State. She works part time as an adjunct professor of politics and is also a Certified Lactation Counselor. She is wife to an English professor, and mother to 3 beautiful boys.

Attending the Priesthood Session like I’m the Queen of Persia

Apr 04, 14 Attending the Priesthood Session like I’m the Queen of Persia

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Tomorrow evening I will walk with my sisters… or more accurately stand in line with my sisters—and seek admittance into the priesthood session of general conference. Many are calling it a protest. I’m inclined to dismiss the complaint, because it would seem these days that when anyone does something that others find...

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Love, Love, Love

Mar 07, 14 Love, Love, Love

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I’ve recently gotten pretty excited about Ash Beckham’s latest TED talk.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.  Her message was twofold, and so there are two important lessons I took from it. She talks about closets and how we all have them.  I think it is fair to say that most people have something that they...

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The Spirit of God

When I was in my early 20s, I got a priesthood blessing from my grandpa. I don’t remember why, some of the memory is fuzzy. But there are a few things I remember clear as day. One is the smell of my grandparents’ living room. The other is my grandfather saying, “you have been blessed to walk through this life with your...

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New Year’s Resolutions: Breaking Bad

If books like Not Even Once Club are any indication, we Mormons hold ourselves to some pretty strict standards.  As I’ve mentioned before, we often forge these standards as weapons and use them against each other.  We create a picture of what a good Mormon looks like, and judge each other based on these standards. One example of...

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Why I’ll Be Wearing Pants to Church on December 15th

Dec 06, 13 Why I’ll Be Wearing Pants to Church on December 15th

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The Second Annual Wear Pants to Church Day is on December 15th.  Women are invited to wear pants or purple or both.  Men are invited to wear purple. (And pants!) Let me state clearly that, just like last year, this is not a protest.  I cannot say this emphatically enough. This is not a protest. It is not political.  It is not...

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Season of Joy

Dec 02, 13 Season of Joy

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Some time ago, my husband and I decided that we were going to introduce our children to Jewish culture by recognizing Jewish holidays in small ways.  Not huge celebrations, but enough that they gain an understanding of Jewish culture and beliefs.  My husband’s ancestors are Jewish (just one generation removed), and we want our...

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As I Have Loved You…

We were all abuzz in the bloggernacle last week when Meridian Magazine published Joni Hilton’s “Are You a Liberal Mormon”. Such a fierce and vehement reaction  (even from Meridian’s faithful readers)  forced Meridian to take the article  down before the day was over (although you can still read it HERE.) Much of the...

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Become as Little Children

Nov 01, 13 Become as Little Children

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Dr. Alison Gopnik, professor of psychology and philosophy at UC Berkley, presented a TED talk titled, “What Do Babies Think?” in 2011. Dr. Gopnik’s specialization is early learning, and she began by discussing her research on the development of compassion, and when a child develops awareness of another’s perspective,...

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The Fantastic Elder Silver Fox: Part 1

Every now and again, you hear a talk at conference that you feel like addresses you, your life, and your specific concerns.  Yesterday, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk had many of us standing and clapping (figuratively, of course, conference is a reverent event).  There was so much addressed in his talk that we found important,...

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If the Sisters Should Have Faith to Heal…

Conference begins tomorrow, and there has been a lot of talk about the Ordain Women movement.  My intent is not to dwell on that, since I believe it has been covered better elsewhere (like HERE and HERE and of course you’ll want to check out http://ordainwomen.org/).  But, it has got me thinking about the priesthood, what it...

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