Listen in as Lesley and Leah Marie talk to Nicole about her story of abuse. She also explains what led her to advocacy for victims of abuse withing in the church, and what she’s been working on since. Nicole and Lesley are now working to shine a light on the #mormonmetoo movement. You can find more information on the #mormonmetoo Facebook page. And if you’re going to be at Sunstone, don’t miss their presentation (Saturday, July 28th, 2:00 PM)!

***This podcast has a TW for sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and ecclesiastical abuse.***

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Fuego Volcano Relief
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Relief for Guatemala
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Cruz Roja Guatelmateca (Red Cross Guatemala)
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Rotary Club Guatemala
The God’s Child Project
Catholic Relief Services
World Vision 

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Leah Marie earned a BA in Political Science, and a Masters in Public Administration. She is currently working towards her PhD in Public Policy. She is wife to an English professor, and mother to 3 beautiful boys.

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