Geoff Nelson

Geoff was born in Northern Utah and raised primarily in Central California. He received a BS in Biomedical Physics from Fresno State, a MS and PhD in Bioengineering from Stanford, and is now a medical physics resident at the UW Carbone Cancer Center. He served his LDS Mission in Donetsk Ukraine. He's married and has two boys and two girls. He is currently a Primary teacher. He also blogs at

What are the doctrines of the Priesthood?

If you are looking at the length of this post and thinking tl;dr then please just click here to jump to the heart of the post. Mormon gender roles and the Ordain Women movement have been in the news recently. Most arguments I’ve seen used to denounce the movement is that their goal is contrary to the doctrine of the...

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Mormonism in Transition

A review of Mormonism in Transition, available through Greg Kofford Books. If you want to skip to the quotes, click here. During the ‘Camelot Era’ of Leonard Arrington the church history department had plans to release a series of Mormon history for the church’s sesquicentennial. It was to be a 16 volume series on...

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Infallibility of the Arm of the Flesh – Milgram part one

This is the first of a series of posts of Latter-day lessons from the Milgram experiments. If you are unfamiliar with the Milgram experiments, you can see a video of it here. I should give some quick definitions for the experiment. The “Experimenter” is the person running the experiment and giving commands to the...

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War on Mammon

Nov 28, 13 War on Mammon

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Merry Mammon Day!! You may not have heard it called by that name because it’s not “Politically Correct.” There seems to be a war on Mammon day here in America. It’s been under attack more and more over the years. It used to be that God stayed in his territory and money stayed in Mammon’s. Remember when...

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Trust in God

I gave this talk in my ward last Sunday. A woman gave a talk after me in which she shared her difficulties accepting all the things church leaders teach. My bishop stood and gave comments afterwards mentioning one of his friends who is a good member and who has never felt the spirit. He added that we’re all different and...

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What’s Silver Fox Say?

Nov 04, 13 What’s Silver Fox Say?

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The following video… made me think of how many Mormons don’t really hear what our Silver Fox, President Uchtdorf, says. This compelled me to write a loose parody of the song highlighting the inspired teachings of the Silver Fox.   At Conference, we often learn particular themes of what various Apostles will speak...

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Elder C. S. Lewis or: Thomas in Wonderland

Oct 25, 13 Elder C. S. Lewis or: Thomas in Wonderland

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Some time ago, Michael suggested that write a post looking at the details of C. S. Lewis being quoted in General Conference. So I searched the corpus for all times ‘Lewis’ was mentioned. It is possible that he was quoted without having his quote attributed to him, however, I would assume that most people wouldn’t...

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Caffeine and Church Leaders

Sep 27, 13 Caffeine and Church Leaders

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This week I got an email from a college friend. In it, there was this fun question: I have a question.  I was teaching my youth sunday school class about the commandments and Word of Wisdom came up.  As per usual, I told them that there was nothing in the word of wisdom (or since then, officially) about caffeine.  I pointed to...

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Doubts and the Church

The topic of doubt, the church, and navigating their cross-section has been in the news a lot. With the NYT article about former Area Authority Hans Mattsson and his doubts, the bloggernacle exploded in discussion while other venues derided the “misinformed” article (see here, here, here, here, and here). The main...

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Epistemic Certainty: “I know” vs “I believe”

Jul 10, 13 Epistemic Certainty: “I know” vs “I believe”

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Jessica Finnigan recently asked me about the use of the phrase “I know” in General Conference. I thought I’d quickly look it up, and some interesting results emerged. I could throw in my speculations to explain the results, but I’ll keep that at a very minimal level and ask you to offer your thoughts. First,...

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