1. Does Judge Brett Kavanaugh really like beer?

  2. Was Judge Brett Kavanaugh the captain of his basket ball team?

  3. Does anyone really care?

  4. Does Judge Brett Kavanaugh know how to answer a simple question?

All these questions and more are discussed on this episode of the Mormon Women Speak Podcast!

Lesley holds an RN, BSN from the University of Texas. Lesley has authored several published articles across a variety of platforms and is a frequent media contributor. She functions as a Community Health Nurse for vulnerable populations and serves as a survivor advocate for victims of abuse. She aims to raise awareness of the effects of trauma on individuals and how trauma impacts community systems. Lesley has certifications and training in Trauma-Informed Care, Community Advocacy, Faith and Spiritual Development, Familial Mental Health, Culturally Competent Care, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Resiliency Development. Lesley lives in Virginia with her 4 children and her really hyper chihuahua, named Chaos.

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