Rational Faiths has been nominated for several Wheaties Awards for Bloggernacle excellence. I know, I know, freaking awesome right? If you have a favorite, we need your help to win… because we will win a major award or something like that. Please come vote for your favorites! (click here to vote) Listed below are the categories and essays that are up for winning a Wheatie. We tried to make it easy for you to pick out the RF crew. Help us get a much needed self-confidence boost and vote!

Best big Blog: Rational Faiths
Best podcast: Rational Faiths

Best overall blogger: Lori Burkman

Funniest thread: The Old Testament: There’s better books out there By Viliami Pauni
Funniest thread: There are Better Cheapo Mormon Halloween Costumes By Thomas Hatton

Best satire: LDS Marriage 2012 By Geoff Nelson
Best satire: A Letter to a Liberal Mormon By Michael Barker

Best series: The Milgram Experiment By Geoff Nelson
Best series: Natural Gods By Jonathan Cannon

Best feminism post: “Why aren’t the Women Included in This?” by Lori Burkman
Best feminism post: Tears for the unordained women in my life by Viliami Pauni

Best apologetic post: Tale of Two Chapels By Melissa Inouye
Best apologetic post: Jeremy Runnells–the New Expert on Joseph Smith’s Polygamy? By Brian Hales
Best apologetic post: What the Hell did Joseph mean by Translation? By Michael Barker

Best spiritual post: Life Interrupted  By Jeremy Timothy
Best spiritual post: The Spirit of God By Leah Marie Silverman

Best doctrinal post: Disgracing God to Save a Prophet By Lori Burkman
Best doctrinal post: Peace on Earth By Patrick mason
Best doctrinal post: The Doctrine of Celibacy By Thomas Montgomery
Best doctrinal post: Tiamat and the Atonement By Michael Barker
Best doctrinal post: Why the Priesthood and Temple Ban Was Wrong By Paul Barker
Best doctrinal post: Who is your God? By Paul Barker

Best personal post: Never Let me Go  By Leah Marie Silverman
Best personal post: Infertility. Sometimes it hurts to be a Mormon By Camille Pickren
Best personal post: From Whom Do Your Blessings Come By Michael Barker
Best personal post: A Circle, Unbroken By Janan Graham
Best personal post: I Hope They Don’t Ask Me about My Mission By L. Thomas

Best faith crisis post: When the Levee Breaks By Lori Burkman
Best faith crisis post: Drowning at Church By Lori Burkman and Jenn Kunz
Best faith crisis post: Perspective on Peter By Lori Burkman

Best current events post: An Open Letter to the Saints By Russell Stevenson

Best temple post: What Not to Wear By Paul Barker
Best temple post: Temple Baptisms – A reflection By Michael Barker

Best book or movie review: Wilford Woodruff:  Witness By Geoff Nelson
Best book or movie review: Steve Peck, the Author By Brian Dillman
Best book or movie review: Polygamy.  Really? By Paul Barker
Best book or movie review: Mormons Meet Fellow Mormons Movie Review By Mike Barker
Best book or movie review: 

Best activism: Fundraising for the Liahona Children’s Foundation by Rational Faiths
Best activism: Family First Weddings By the Paul and Mike Barker

Best LGBT activism post: When it Comes to Equality, Which Side of History Are You On? By Lori Burkman
Best LGBT activism post: Doctrine of Celibacy By Thomas Montgomery

Write ins: Best exit narrative- Why I left By Viliami Pauni

Best post on policy: The Temple Recommend Admission to the House of the Lord By Leah Marie Silverman


Born and raised in Northern California, Pablo received his education at Ricks College and BYU with a BA in Spanish, minor in PE Coaching. Pablo served his LDS mission during the years 94-96 in Rosario, Argentina. He now runs a skate shop and batting cages in Orem, UT. He's married and has 4 boys.

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