Ancient Jewish Parallels and Mormon Scripture

In my research at the University of Utah I have mainly focused on Hebrew and Jewish studies, but have had the opportunity of taking a good sampling of courses on Mormon history, text, and practice as well. Both in and out of class I have read many studies that seek to understand Mormon scripture better in its own context, and in so...

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Be ye therefore emotional

I was asked to do an “emotional kick off” for my relief society this week. I’d had my own emotional meltdown the night before giving my 20 minute workshop so I figured that made me a perfect candidate for teaching the concepts that I needed to use. And I felt a little bit like a hypocrite at the same time. So, as introverted as...

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There are Save but Two Churches Only

For as long as I can remember there has been a part of me that tenses up when I hear someone bear testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church. Even as a youth who never doubted the validity of the statement, hearing those words made me uncomfortable. What had I done in my life to merit...

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Mar 15, 14 #doublestandard

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  BYU recently held it’s Pro Day where NFL scouts come to watch players. It looks like things started out well, but eventually all hell broke loose and we had football players in underwear. I mean sports attire. I’m not sure what they were thinking posting those pictures. They know that women and kids would see...

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Young Women – Please Help My Sons Stay Clean & Pure

Oct 23, 13 Young Women – Please Help My Sons Stay Clean & Pure

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I want to take a moment on behalf of all men to personally thank the virtuous women who dress modestly so that we can keep our thoughts pure and clean. I am so grateful for the virtuous women throughout my life that dressed modestly so I wouldn’t have bad thoughts. Those righteous girls I dated in high school and college...

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Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snicker Doodles, and the Current State of Dating at BYU

Sep 18, 13 Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snicker Doodles, and the Current State of Dating at BYU

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It’s the beginning of a new semester at BYU.  This means that it is, once again, time for “the talk.”  While we were given a couple of weeks to sow some wild oats (and by this I mean stay out of our apartments a little past midnight), the devotional this week was meant to bring that to an end. The speaker for the devotional was...

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Art, Nudity, and Modesty

Sep 09, 13 Art, Nudity, and Modesty

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One of my former wards met in an old prayer house in downtown Provo – it was incredibly unique. I have very fond memories of both the building and the people. The foyer was located in the center of the building and the hallways shot out from it. In that small foyer in the middle of the building other people’s...

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Sexual Assault in Mormon Patriarchy

Aug 28, 13 Sexual Assault in Mormon Patriarchy

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The views expressed in this document are the author’s and do not reflect the opinions of the Department of the Air Force, the Department of Defense or the Federal Government. I Paul Barker, am posting this essay that was written by a friend of mine (Atticus). Due to his position in the military I will keep his real name anonymous....

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If your pants are too tight…

Recently in the news we got a little taste of a “Mormon moment” when on Valentine’s Day a male BYU student passed a note to a female student declaring that she was immodestly dressed and should think about how her appearance was affecting others. I’m sure he was just trying to do his duty as stated in the BYU...

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Mormon Modesty – Cathy enters the bloggernacle

I came home today with my wife telling me she posted a comment on one of the best Mormon blogs – By Common Consent.  She is “Medford Mom”, posts # 129 and  145.   Read it and weep....

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