Polygamy, Really?

Oct 24, 14 Polygamy, Really?

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Really? God sent an angel with a flaming sword to Joseph Smith to tell him about polygamy(1)? Is that what we are going with? Are we all ok with that? If God is in the business of sending angels down, wouldn’t it be nice if he sent Joseph a message that was more useful than say the terrible practice of polygamy? I know, I...

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Why Progressive Mormons Are Wrong..and, Oh Yeah, So Are The Conservative Ones

Oct 23, 14 Why Progressive Mormons Are Wrong..and, Oh Yeah, So Are The Conservative Ones

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I think we are all aware of the arguments between the more traditional believing Mormons and those that have more liberal leaning views.   It goes something like this: Conservative: God is immutable The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s Church Conclusion: Since the LDS Church is God’s Church and God...

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Why Single Saints Stay Single

As church membership grows, so does it demographics.  It should come as no surprise to anyone then, that we should see an increase of our Singles population.  It would appear that in recent years, the single community, and mainly the mid-singles (31+) have become the focal point for many a discussion among church leaders. So what...

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Have We Done Any Good? Let’s Do Some Together.

My Understanding Increased Starting November 2001 to Late October 2003, I lived in Cambodia and you guessed it–I was serving my LDS mission there. Unlike many stories on the bloggernacle (or the blabbernacle for podcasts) I had an exceptionally positive mission experience. My mission president was a nuclear engineer in another...

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A Mormon View of Charity vs. Justice

Elder Holland’s October 2014 General Conference address titled “Are We Not All Beggars?” was a masterpiece. In it, Elder Holland exhorted Mormons to serve and help others, even if those others seem to “deserve” their plight.[1] His sermon was a Christlike reminder that the poor are the Savior’s...

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29: Steve Peck The Author

Come meet Steve Peck. He is a Professor of Biology at BYU teaching courses in bioethics and researching evolutionary biology from several different dimensions. In addition to his academic work Steve writes. He writes a lot. The works that we discuss with Steve in this episode include the award winning The Scholar of Moab, the...

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The Doctrine of Celibacy

Oct 18, 14 The Doctrine of Celibacy

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When Mormons speak of the Law of Chastity, they often define it as remaining celibate until marriage.  In actuality, it would be more properly defined as remaining abstinent until marriage.  Today, the words abstinent and celibate are frequently used interchangeably, but in practice they are quite different.  Abstinence, as...

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When Religion Creates Dragons

     Last February I wrote my first piece for Rational Faiths called When it Comes to Equality, Which Side of History Are You On? I have been very proud of my writing for Rational Faiths as a whole, but there’s something about that piece that makes it my favorite; the one I’m most proud of. It explains my transition...

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Becoming whole

In the medical field and the scientific world in general we are moving away from the idea of a mind separate from our body or brain.  In general there are some real benefits to this conceptualization.  For example, take the thorny issue of addiction.  Traditionally medicine has defined truly addictive drugs as those that cause...

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28: Meet The Mormons – A Rational Faiths Review

Oct 15, 14 28: Meet The Mormons – A Rational Faiths Review

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If you have been participating in the Bloggernacle, or even in many wards and stakes in the United States, you have probably heard of the Church’s new film “Meet the Mormons,” which was released in the theaters on 10/10/2014. Due to the controversy surrounding the film, as well as the fact that this is the first time the...

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