Will Denver Snuffer Prove to be Mormonism’s Martin Luther?

I’ll start out by saying that I’m a skeptic. The combination of my skepticism, an in-depth study of the restoration, a disillusionment with the current practices of LDS.inc, and an exacting application of Occam’s Razor resulted in the ultimate demise of my faith in the literal restoration of the LDS church over a...

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BYU-I: All Aboard the Crazy Train

Sep 18, 14 BYU-I: All Aboard the Crazy Train

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This little gem came across my Facebook feed this afternoon. It has already gotten a lot of buzz so I thought I would throw in my two cents, since I am alumni. President Clark is the president of BYU-Idaho located in Rexburg, Idaho. This is what he wrote on his Facebook page:       Go ahead and read it again,...

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exclusive inclusivity

If there is one thing that makes religion unpopular in today’s pluralistic society, it is the idea of claiming access to exclusive truth.  On my mission I learned firsthand how the act of sending someone to your door is deeply offensive to so many people.  It is one reason religion is just something you are not supposed to talk...

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Book Review: Ezra and Hadassah: A Portrait of American Royalty

Ezra and Hadassah: A Portrait of American Royalty is the gripping account of author Heather Young’s tumultuous childhood at the abusive hands of those into whose care she was entrusted, both her foster and Latter-day Saint adoptive parents. With remarkable courage, wit and honesty, Heather tells of how she and her special-needs...

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The Changing Nature of (somewhat recent) popular LDS art

So growing up, I’d never been a big fan of most mainstream LDS art and music. I mean, sure, there was Minerva Teichert and a few choice others, but by and large our most culturally popular art and media tended to be pretty superficial or one-dimensional. Examples I think of are Greg Olson paintings, Michael Mclean songs,...

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Reluctant Mormon Activist

Since my Ordain Women profile went up, recently, I’m now a Mormon activist for gender equality in the LDS church. The following is a very bald summary of a long personal essay. If all you care about is the main ideas, you can read and judge this. If you want to understand how I arrived where I am, I’ve linked to the...

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My Road to Here

A brief summary of this post can be found here. I recommend it if you aren’t up for a long or emotional post. Long Day 1998 It left me as I dug, and cut, and pulled, and pedaled, and wore out the day, Yet I wait for sleep to come. I burn to move, to dance, to love, as my body strains, frozen in anxiety, Yet I wait for...

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22: Voices That Can Be Found At Sunstone Part 1

Sep 14, 14 22: Voices That Can Be Found At Sunstone Part 1

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What comes to your mind when you hear the words “Sunstone Symposium?” It has been 5-6 years that I have been attending Sunstone, and I absolutely love it. At this year’s conference I had the opportunity to interview about 34 individuals, in order to provide a demonstration of some of the amazing people that were also attending...

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Ezra Taft Benson and Politics

Sep 14, 14 Ezra Taft Benson and Politics

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Discussions exploded as people learned that the 2015 Relief Society/Priesthood manual will be teachings of Ezra Taft Benson. One lesson is even on the infamous “14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet.” In anticipation of the many discussions which will ensue, we are posting this resource. (Cross-posted with permission...

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The Authorship of Isaiah and Its Bearing on the Book of Mormon

Scholars today recognize that the full text of Isaiah was not written by a single individual named Isaiah in the latter half of the eighth century BCE, but rather that the text was written by at least two, and more probably three, individual authors spanning a period of about four centuries. Generally scholars identify chapters 1-39...

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