Essential Church Mods

Being a member of the Church can be a lot like being in a MMORPG video game. Ward buildings are the inns you go to to refresh yourself and talk to fellow questers, certain NPCs are so repetitive they could be interchangeable, and when you visit other locations, the coding is usually so similar, you forget you’re not at...

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How Continuing Revelation Prevents Change in Mormonism

Continuing revelation is the foundation of Mormonism. It is one of the great differences between Mormonism and fundamentalist, “Bible-based” Christian churches. One might assume that having a belief in leaders who receive new revelation from God would push us into the forefront when it comes to progressive policies and doctrines...

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Laws of the Bloggernacle

Jul 28, 14 Laws of the Bloggernacle

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I’m a pretty big fan of these interwebs. I’m not going to hide it. And it’s got a pretty amazing collection of “rules,” including some of real gems: Godwins famous law (states that the longer an internet discussion lasts, the more likely it is that someone will compare someone else to Hitler) and...

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Rock Waterman’s Pants Are On Fire

Actually, his pants aren’t on fire; he just didn’t know the full story. President Dieter Uchtdorf recently spoke to the Church History Symposium. He said something that is vital for us to remember as we discover troubling aspects of our history: …a little more information can make all the difference in the...

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Strange Bedfellows: Marriages and Sealings

Jul 24, 14 Strange Bedfellows: Marriages and Sealings

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All of my life I grew up hearing about how sacred and special it was to be married in the temple. That was what you work toward, spiritually, your whole life. We sing songs about going to the temple from the time that we start talking. Getting married in the temple is kind of a big deal. A few weeks ago my kids and I visited the...

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Heavenly Mother Walks With Me

Trigger Warning: miscarriage, brief mention of D&C (surgery, not scriptures). I have always loved the concept of Heavenly Mother and the idea of a divine female source but this used to be a knowledge that was only in my brain, not one that was internalized due to personal relationship and communion with Her. Earlier this year,...

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Can you see what I’m saying?

Jul 22, 14 Can you see what I’m saying?

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I am an artist because I can’t not be one. The creative process is part of my personal identity. It’s also been a part of my family culture for generations. I understand the World through poetry, painting, and sculpture and I find expression for my own feelings and ideas as I create.   I know this is weird in a...

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Reason to Believe

When I was taking Wilfred Griggs and Alan Keele’s history of civilization class (The Pen and the Sword, for anyone else who might have taken it), I thought about the idea of formal arguments to prove the existence of God for the first time in my life. I tried, for a while, to construct a proof for myself based on Lehi’s...

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14: “Seek ye out of the best [podcasts]“: Parenting 101

Jul 20, 14 14: “Seek ye out of the best [podcasts]“: Parenting 101

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“How the hell do we do this?!” is a question I am often faced with (in my head of course) when I come to conflicting advice around parenting. A lot of wisdom is thrown around and it is hard to tell what really works and what very well may damage our children, which is the last thing we want to do. In this episode I talk...

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Jeremy Runnells and the Book of Abraham

Jeremy Runnells on the Book of Abraham by Brian Hauglid In February 2012 Jeremy Runnells experienced a faith crisis and then spent the ensuing summer and into the next year reading, reviewing, and compiling different aspects of the church that led to his crisis of faith. In the Spring of 2013 Jeremy was approached by his grandfather...

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