Finding Peace in the Plan of Salvation

On April 28th, 2011 our family of four grew to a family of six with the birth of our twin sons.  Nearly three years ago, I held two tiny angels in my hands and said goodbye. And my world changed. Suddenly, I was personally invested in what happens in the here afters. I wanted to know if something had been said by someone at...

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And My Face Shall Be As Stubble

I am a man, teeming with testosterone, evidenced by my extremely hairy body. Oh, I am not exaggerating. You name the body part, and I have hair growing there: back, shoulders, toes, neck. I used to loathe it, but now I embrace it. It makes for some diverse looks, especially since I can grow a pretty thick beard. I’m talking...

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The Truth about Topaz

Apr 22, 14 The Truth about Topaz

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Near Delta, Utah there are a bunch of big volcanic rocks full of deposits of amber colored Topaz. The area is known as Topaz Mountain and it’s mostly public land so anyone can go looking for the stuff. Topaz is a crystalline gemstone that grows in gas pockets in igneous rock. the most common colors are blue and amber but it...

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Am I a Critic?

Apr 21, 14 Am I a Critic?

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For those of you waiting for my next speculative, theological post, I’m sorry to put you off a month. Maybe I’ll get you a new, Plan of Salvation, home evening lesson by Christmas. That’s probably a good time for it. I need to write about something more immediate. One of my very favorite LDS books is Hugh...

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Holy Saturday

Apr 20, 14 Holy Saturday

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HOLY SATURDAY by Jerilyn Hassell Pool Tonight, on the eve of Easter Sunday, our ward held a candle ceremony to observe of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We gathered as a ward family in the parking lot of our ward building and waited for the darkness of night to fall.  Candles were distributed to everyone who wanted one. We...

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Celebrating Passover

Apr 20, 14 Celebrating Passover

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CELEBRATING PASSOVER by Jerilyn Hassell Pool On Thursday night, our ward held a Seder meal as part of our celebration of Holy Week performed by Ayala Sarah Zonnenschein, the Executive Director at Havurah Shir Hadash, a Jewish community in Ashland, Oregon. In the interest of full disclosure, I’d read several articles about the...

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Perspective on Peter

Apr 18, 14 Perspective on Peter

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Growing up in the church, I have often heard Peter referenced as one who failed. He lost faith when he removed his gaze from Jesus and sunk into the water. He denied the Christ three times on the day of our Savior’s crucifixion. Yes, he did many great things too, but for some reason he was, more often than not, a go-to for...

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A companion like no other

Way back in the day, when I served my mission the bar was low.  EVERY worthy young man was expected to serve a mission and serve I did.  Since 2005 we have undergone a policy change known as “raising the bar” and we won’t take just anyone to serve.  Elder M. Russel Ballard explained, “Instead of using...

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The Elusive Book of Mormon Lands

I’ve grown up with a love of the Book of Mormon. The culture of Book of Mormon love has been strong as long as I’ve been alive, since Benson gave his big Book of Mormon talk before I was born. I’ve read the Book of Mormon dozens of times. We owned all of the Living Scriptures Book of Mormon tapes and had worn out most of them....

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MORMONAD:  THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT by Milayna Barker – age 12 Note: Soon after joining Young Women’s we were told that we were going to be making a video version of the Mormonads with the young men in our ward. I didn’t know what those were and so I asked my mom and dad.  They told me they were posters that the...

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