(The text of the post was originally a post on Carol Lynn Pearson’s Facebook page on July 23, 2015.) I have been made aware of three new suicides within the last ten days–all of these in Utah, two young men and one young woman, all three known to be gay and LDS.  These last several weeks have been deeply troubling for...

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God’s Love

Jul 30, 15 God’s Love

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Note: This was a high council talk given on July 19, 2015 We live in interesting times, times of distress and disorder. Social issues regularly top our headlines causing many to wonder whether or not the end of the world is at our doorstep. Indeed, on the negative side, we see television, radio, cyber and social media bombard us...

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Time Machines vs. Ward Softball

If you were given a time machine and offered a one time “do-over” in life, would you take it? Would you fly back in time and ask the hot cheerleader to prom? Would you take back something you said to a parent or a friend that you have always regretted? Would you decide to serve an LDS Mission? Would you decide not to? Is there a...

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“Sad Souls in Happy Valley” why we (still) need to change the way we think about mental health

Authors note: This is a re-post of a previous article with updates and updated resources.     “I have of late- but wherefore I know not- lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of exercises, and indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition that this goodly frame, the earth, seems to me a sterile promontory; this most...

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A Modest Clarification

It has come to my attention that some Mormons have had “questions” regarding prophetic priorities. I’ll break it down so that even a child can understand: if the Prophets and Apostles are talking about something, it matters. If they aren’t talking about it, it doesn’t matter. Let me give you some examples. Find me...

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67: Groupthink, Pluralistic Ignorance, and Cults

Jul 25, 15 67: Groupthink, Pluralistic Ignorance, and Cults

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http://media.blubrry.com/rationalfaiths/p/rationalfaiths.com/podcast/67HMMGroupthink.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS In continuing our series “The Human Mormon Mind,” I had talked with Michael Barker and Mica McGriggs about the three related concepts of Groupthink, Pluralistic Ignorance...

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If the Church came to me for therapy

In preparation for the 2nd annual Mormon Mental Health Conference (July 29, 2015), I’ve been reflecting on my work as a therapist within Mormon culture as I’m sure are many of my  colleagues who will be presenting to other mental health professionals at the conference. I’m looking forward to the conference and...

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How Shall We Continue in The Silencing?

Imagine how Mary Magdalene must have felt on the morning of the Resurrection, being the first person to see the risen Christ. Imagine too how she must have felt later on when she would be forever silenced for her testimony: “I have seen the Lord: such is the story of the Resurrection as told in the Gospel of John. With it begins...

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11 Signs You’re Dating an RM from the 19th Century…It Took Me a Minute to Get #3!

The Mormon dating world is rife with expectations and standards. One of the most golden ones has been that women should seek out an RM (returned missionary) for any worthwhile long-term relationship. Apparently the longer the name-tag is worn, the more sin and error fall off the wearer’s spirit, helping them become more...

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Straight and Narrow not Same and Narrow-minded

My last post was supposed to be a one paragraph introduction to this idea: The exaltation of the Gods depends on allowing us–Gods in embryo–to travel as many paths to Godhood as possible. This conclusion follows closely the belief that Gods evolved. Evolutionary success depends on maximizing reproductive rates. If the...

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