If garments don’t feel oppressive, are they?

I recently read the fantastic opinion piece by Mette Harrison via The Huffington Post entitled “If We Don’t Feel Oppressed, Are We?” and it really hit home with me. When discussing matters that bothered me in the church, in particular the inequality of women and men in leadership, the argument I received (and...

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Living on Flipped Mormon Standard Time

We’ve all heard the old American proverb, “The early bird gets the worm.” Well, if given the choice between being the early bird and the worm, I’d be the worm. And I think scripturally speaking; the worm has the upper edge on spirituality. Let me explain….. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can never make it to Sacrament meeting...

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What He Wants.

Central to the worship and devotion of Mormon Church members is the ordinance of the sacrament in which we explicitly renew the covenant implicitly made at baptism. The covenant is implicit, because we do not verbally agree to specifically stated conditions at the time of baptism. The amen that we add to the baptismal prayer should...

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Religion and Politics: 10 questions for 2016

I believe that we all have an obligation to make sure our moral and ethical beliefs inform our politics. The Christian magazine Sojourners says it well: We envision a future in which Christians put their faith into action in the passionate pursuit of social justice, peace, and environmental stewardship, working in partnership with...

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Maybe God IS Racist

Picture this: Another February rolls around and all throughout literary Mormondom I get to read that “this was racist” or “that was racist” or “why doesn’t the church do this” or “blah… blah blah blah… blah blah… blah blah blah blah!” Okay, so I am supposed to...

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70: Spiritual Watering Holes Part 3

Aug 22, 15 70: Spiritual Watering Holes Part 3

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http://media.blubrry.com/rationalfaiths/p/rationalfaiths.com/podcast/70SpiritViaMeditation.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Hearing the voice of the Holy Ghost and feeling the spirit often present themselves as elusive experiences that we want to have but just can’t seem to grasp. In...

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Introverts in an Extrovert’s World: A Review of “Quiet”

Sometimes I actually read books that are not Mormon History Books believe it or not and the latest one is about introverts. It is a book about people like me! The fact that Susan Cain‘s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking has become so popular (NYT best seller) is a great thing. It is clear...

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One Believer’s Reactions to the CES Letter

“If the CES Letter has added value to your life, please pay it forward. Your support will allow us to continue to help the honest in heart seekers.” Such loaded language from the CES letter website gets my hackles up, but I’ll suppress them long enough to respond to some friends’ queries of “Have you read the entire CES Letter?”. I...

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We can do better (so it can get better)

Aug 19, 15 We can do better (so it can get better)

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It has been a little over a year since the murder of Michael Brown and one year exactly of the death of Darrien Hunt at the hands of Utah Police and we have seen the #BlackLivesMatter movement rise from the ashes of the gun smoke. I am ready to never see a hashtag followed by a name–a black person’s name at that. And as...

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Playing Defense

Despite warnings from other leaders that emotional sentimentalism “should never be leaned upon as a substitute for spirituality,” 1 Elder Holland used up a good couple of minutes of his April 2014 General Conference address to describe in detail how two sister missionaries had food spit and thrown at them in the routine course of...

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