Cheapo Mormon Halloween Costumes

Oct 30, 14 Cheapo Mormon Halloween Costumes

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It’s Thursday already and you only have a a day to find a costume for the wonderful reappropriated Pagan holiday of Halloween! Are you worrying about how to dress your kids for the Trick or Trunk/Trunk or Treat in a way that is both clever and wholesome? Do you want to show off your extensive knowledge of Mormon pop culture? Look...

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The Bastardization of Truth

Oct 30, 14 The Bastardization of Truth

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It’s time we stopped idolizing truth. It’s time we stopped treating truth like a banner at the end of a mid-distance race. See, over there in the distance? That’s truth, we say. It’s just over there, and if you just put forth a little effort, you’ll find it. And then, well, you’re done. You can just swim in truth the...

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The still small voice of FEAR

  by Nik Rasheta In April 2014 I was invited onto FMH podcast along with anthropologist Chelsea Strayer to discuss Gavin de Becker’s book titled The Gift of Fear. As a Police Detective within the Special Victims Unit and as a Hostage Negotiator this book helped me label certain experiences I have observed along my career....

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The Information Age is Over. Welcome to the Opinion Age.

“I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance” -Reuben Blades Information has no power to convince. It can’t motivate us to action or modify behavior. Convincing, or conversion, is an emotional process. Info + emotion = conversion. The resulting ideals become our opinions....

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Choose Your Own Universe

I have listened to and read many discussions regarding the existence or nature of God. It is one of those debates that I believe is unresolvable. The New God Argument motivates trust in God given a small number of assumptions, but doesn’t suggest much about God other than that he/she/it is compassionate and able to create...

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30: Diverse Mormons, Part 2, Interviews from the 2014 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium

Oct 26, 14 30: Diverse Mormons, Part 2, Interviews from the 2014 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium

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In the beginning of August of this year I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Sunstone symposium which is a Mormon conference that I look forward to attending every year. One of the many reasons that I love the conference is that it is one of the few times you get to see such a diverse group of Mormons gathered together in...

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There are Save but Two Churches Only

For as long as I can remember there has been a part of me that tenses up when I hear someone bear testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church. Even as a youth who never doubted the validity of the statement, hearing those words made me uncomfortable. What had I done in my life to merit...

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Polygamy, Really?

Oct 24, 14 Polygamy, Really?

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Really? God sent an angel with a sword to Joseph Smith to tell him about polygamy(1)? Is that what we are going with? Are we all ok with that? If God is in the business of sending angels down, wouldn’t it be nice if he sent Joseph a message that was more useful than say the terrible practice of polygamy? I know, I know,...

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Why Progressive Mormons Are Wrong..and, Oh Yeah, So Are The Conservative Ones

Oct 23, 14 Why Progressive Mormons Are Wrong..and, Oh Yeah, So Are The Conservative Ones

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I think we are all aware of the arguments between the more traditional believing Mormons and those that have more liberal leaning views.   It goes something like this: Conservative: God is immutable The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s Church Conclusion: Since the LDS Church is God’s Church and God...

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Why SOME Single Saints Stay Single

  *Have you ever read a List Blog and thought to yourself, “This doesn’t relate to me at all”? The reason for this is that while List Blogs can be helpful/funny/true/or insightful, they can never encompass an entire group or population of people. So it is with the following List. There are those out there who...

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