57: Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist Part 7

http://media.blubrry.com/rationalfaiths/p/rationalfaiths.com/podcast/57DrFifePart7.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | RSS In this episode of “Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist”, Laurel and Brian talk with  Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife on the topics of rekindling the desire that seems to have been lost soon after...

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Apostle Wish-List

Though Mormons don’t like to outright say it, it’s pretty clear that it won’t be too long before we’ll have some new apostles among the 12. While it is a futile effort to try and guess with any accuracy who will be selected to fill any vacancies, a few of us here at Rational Faiths (Laurel, Leah Marie, and...

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Fairytale Life

Apr 23, 15 Fairytale Life

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I write to you after spending three very magical and tiring days in Disneyland. We’ve done princesses and rollercoasters and traumatized our children (the older ones on Tower of Terror, the youngest one on the ladybugs in the Bug’s Life area).  Hopefully, the happy memories stand out more than the few minutes they spent...

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I’m Not Struggling. I’m Just Different.

Apr 22, 15 I’m Not Struggling. I’m Just Different.

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It’s great to have people around you who care about you enough to “check in” on you in the midst of a faith crisis. I’ve been lucky enough to have people like that in my life. At first I really needed it. It was important to me. But there comes a point where you want to stop being labeled as the guy who’s struggling. I haven’t been...

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You do not belong here – a high councilor’s talk about inclusion

On Sunday our high councilor spoke during Sacrament Meeting. It was an excellent talk that I feel should be shared with as many people as possible. Personal information has been removed, but otherwise the talk is here as it was given. Italicized emphases in the text were used in the written talk  from the high councilor.  ...

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To Progressive LDSs on Book of Mormon Historicity

A common (but not universal) sentiment among progressive Latter-day Saints is that the Book of Mormon is valuable simply because we, as the readers, find moral value in it. It has shaped our lives and history whether or not it is truly a historical record. I think this is largely correct. Some progressives go so far as to say they...

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The Gift of Truth

Apr 19, 15 The Gift of Truth

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  “THE GIFT OF TRUTH EXCELS ALL GIFTS.” Peter Santina: “Faith knowledge & Truth” Broadly speaking there are three kinds of truth: 1) Definitional truth; All Bachelors are single men because that is how we define the word. 2) Logical truth; 2+2=4 and only 4 because reason requires it, and 3) Experimental truth;...

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56: Spiritual Watering Holes Part 1

Apr 18, 15 56: Spiritual Watering Holes Part 1

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http://media.blubrry.com/rationalfaiths/p/rationalfaiths.com/podcast/56SpiritViaLiteratureandWriting.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Hearing the voice of the Holy Ghost and feeling the spirit often present themselves as elusive experiences that we want to have but just can’t seem to grasp....

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The Possibility of the Book of Mormon as Inspired Fiction

While critics and apologists of Mormonism disagree with each other on just about every issue, there is one matter in which they often share a moment of agreement –Mormonism rises or falls on the historicity of the Book of Mormon. As Elder Holland proclaimed in a 1994 CES conference at BYU: Not everything in life is so black and...

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Reality Schmeality

Apr 16, 15 Reality Schmeality

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Reality Schmeality The idea of multiple realities defined entirely by our circumstances was first discussed in the 60s by Peter Berger in his book, The Social Construction of Reality, which taught that every society, community, and even every family constructs its own understanding of what is true and real. As individuals, the only...

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