49: Sex, History, and Self Delusion: “New” Podcast Themes

Feb 27, 15 49: Sex, History, and Self Delusion: “New” Podcast Themes

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Enjoy a short little minisode folks. We have plans and we’ll even tell you what they are. This is also the only podcast with some sort of transcript. You. Are. Welcome. B Dizzle: Hello everyone. Welcome to a mini-sode on the Rational Faiths Podcast. THE BEST PODCAST IN THE BLABBERNACLE!!! I am Brian Dillman. I’ve been talking...

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21st Century Family History: Not your grandma’s genealogy

Prelude For ages I felt like there was no point for me to do family history work. My family is about as Mormon as it gets. Sure I can claim 7th generation Mormon status, but the thing is that I don’t have anyone in my family tree who wasn’t Mormon as long as Mormonism has been around. 30 of my 32 great-great-great...

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Let It Go

It was the song heard round the world. Over and over and over and OVER again. And we’re still listening to it. As sick as I sometimes get of hearing it, it also never really gets old. I often find myself singing my Let It Go guts out in the car with my little girls. Why do we all love it so much? (Or I suppose some people...

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American Temples

Feb 25, 15 American Temples

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American Temples by Scott Jarvie is a beautiful tribute to LDS Temples built in the United States. Scott spent more than a year living on the road out of an Airstream, traveling more than 40,000 miles from the west coast to the east and back again five times, photographing each LDS temple as he went. Some people might him crazy at...

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Spells, Incantations, Ordinances and Covenants

Feb 24, 15 Spells, Incantations, Ordinances and Covenants

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I went to the Temple for the first time when I was nineteen, in preparation for my mission. I had taken a temple prep class but the culture of secrecy didn’t serve me well. For instance, until I was seventeen, I thought that I would have to go through the Temple in the buff! When I finally did go, I fully expected to see...

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The Liberating Form of Government Intervention

Some Mormons who fall on the right of the political spectrum like to suggest that government intervention does nothing but restrict freedom. They argue that the government should provide national defense and little else on the grounds that anything more will limit freedoms. And I won’t disagree–much government...

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48: Operation Underground Railroad

Over 25 million people are enslaved around the world, in 2015. Over 10 million people are enslaved for sexual purposes, in 2015. There are about 2 million minors lured and trapped into sexual slavery, in 2015. It would be extremely difficult to find a human being who did not consider those facts as the most troubling human problem...

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Your Fave is Problematic: How human bias inhibits prophetic leadership

Feb 21, 15 Your Fave is Problematic: How human bias inhibits prophetic leadership

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The amount of things that have been chosen for me by men I have never met is high- things like what entertainment I can partake in, how much jewelry I can wear, how I can alter my body, how I can’t kiss, or how I really shouldn’t serve a mission. There’s always some “valid” reason- ‘Well, the...

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Confessions of a Misanthropic Misandronist

I have a deep, dark secret that I have lived with for too much of my life. I hate my gender. Maybe I don’t hate to the point I feel born the wrong gender or wish to change or anything. I just have a deep seated loathing of what men are and by extension, what I am. At least, I loathe what I have been taught all my life, in countless...

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Sacred Spaces: For Men Only

I’ve been trying to think of how to approach this subject as recent events in the last few years have made women’s treatment in the Church a hot-button issue sure to elicit immediate knee-jerk responses of all kinds. Add to that my deeply ingrained cultural upbringing that comes from being a Minnesotan Mormon woman, and...

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