• What parallels are there with the Canaanite genocide in the Old Testament and the 9/11 terrorist attacks?
  • Why did President George W. Bush use scripture to justify the U.S.A’s invasion of Afghanistan?
  • Is Genocide ever a moral virtue?
  • When is a “Holy War” commanded by God?

All these questions and more are answered in this titillating episode of  The Weird and Wild Old Testament With Dr. Sheldon Greaves.

Links to Dr. William Lane Craig’s podcast episode mentioned in this episode the The Weird and Wild Old Testament:

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    Dr. Sheldon Greaves received his Ph.D. in Ancient Near Eastern Studies with an emphasis in Hebrew Bible from UC Berkeley in 1996. He is a co-founder of Henley-Putnam University, a private university catering to the intelligence and counterterrorism communities. He has taught Old and New Testament and similar subjects at Stanford University. At present, Dr. Greaves leads seminars on biblical and related topics as Scholar-in-Residence at the Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan in Corvallis, Oregon. He is also the founder of Guerrilla Scholars (501(c)(3) status pending), a loose association of learners, thinkers, teachers, artists, and recovering academics that can best be described as, "a bunch of geeks who want to save the world."

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