Recently, I was asked to give the benediction in Sacrament Meeting.

So, what is the real meaning behind this prayer, and to whom (within the Godhead) was it directed? What about the biblical imagery used? I’ll let you figure it out. Is there possibly some sacred feminine imagery expressed here?

This was my gossip-worthy prayer….. (yes, there was some gossip that followed!)

October 22, 2017

Most High God of our ancestors

God of Israel; You are one alone.

We thank Thee, Heavenly Father for Thy constant presence in our lives, and for being mindful of us, Thy children.

Spirit of Wisdom, keep us safe under the shadow of Thy wings.

We thank Thee for the Atonement and for the gift of Thy Son, Jesus Christ.

And for the meaning of the vision which Lehi saw – the Tree of Life

And for the Sacred Grove and the First Vision.

Take care of our needs, both spiritual and temporal.

We pray a special prayer for those who need Thy care more than we do.

And we pray for the means to help them.

Lead all souls into Thy care; especially those most in need of Thy mercy.

We pray for the day when all Israel and Judah together will be restored

And we ask…

May Thou bless and keep us

Make Thy face shine upon us

And be gracious to us

Lift Thy countenance upon us

And give us peace.

In the name of Jesus Christ,


Michelle Wiener (aka Michelle Mormon, not Molly!) runs Agitating Faithfully and assists with the Finding Heavenly Mother Project. She holds a Master of Arts in Theology from Lexington Theological Seminary in Kentucky and a Master of Ecumenical Studies from the University of Geneva in Switzerland where she studied for a year with the World Council of Churches. A convert from the Bible Belt, she loves genealogy and has now been promoted to Family History Consultant. She is married to Robert and they have a beautiful blue budgie named Judson. She is working on her doctorate in comparative theology through Euclid University.

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