Here is my Back to School gift for you to share with your kids (or parents) in Family Home Evening. Hopefully it adds some fun to the old Primary Plan of Salvation Diagram. I’ve provided links to documents you can download or print out yourselves, as posters or as figures to cut out and lay out on your living room floor as you tell the story of eternity. Enjoy.


  • An openclipart collection containing nearly all of the images used in this poster.
  • Google Drive folder containing high resolution .svg (Inkscape), .xcf (GIMP), .jpg, .pdf, and .png files.

The first two are free, open source software formats that will allow different kinds of editing of the documents. The later files should allow poster printing, although the small fonts used require either larger size posters or high resolution printing services. (The standard 15o dpi resolution won’t work for anything smaller than 24×36″, but I think it is ok at that size. Check the previews before ordering. I think I found a high resolution print service for an 18×24″ poster, but I haven’t had one printed yet, myself.) Also in this folder are standard, 8.5 x 11″ pdf documents with pieces that can be printed out and used for a floor or flannel board type presentation of the Plan of Salvation. (Edit: I replaced Ubuntu fonts with Lucida fonts. It should work without difficulty for most people, and not cause problems with printers. I can supply the previous versions upon request.) You may need to install Ubuntu fonts for some of the text to be formatted correctly, or you are welcome to reformat anything.

I’ve explained my reasoning on parts of the poster in previous posts (Starting here and continuing here). Other aspects I will justify further in future posts. If anyone wants to contribute to future versions of this poster, I’d love collaborations or suggestions. For example, while it works, I’m not in love with “outer darkness”. I’d like to convey that it is “outside” and that it is “dark”. I don’t want to use a black hole, because those may be sources of new universes and new life. I modeled this image on dye bleeding on wet fabric, which was fun, but it doesn’t quite convey what I would like.

Another example would be the words or quotes used in explanations. If you can think of better quotes or clearer words to explain any of the concepts, I would welcome them. Maybe we can make a web based, hyperlinked version of the Plan of Salvation where people can click or float their cursor over different parts to find scriptural references, quotes, or links to more substantial discussions of the topic.

A third example is that Christ’s role is nearly absent in this presentation. Maybe a quote or reference by “Resurrection” is in order.

Once again, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think, and feel free to help me make it better.

Jonathan lives in rural Georgia with his wife and three boys, teaching Chemistry and enjoying the good people of his community. He studied Molecular Biology at Brigham Young University, and Biophysics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jonathan is passionate about fatherhood, teaching and learning, Mormonism, and dance (he's much better at the first three), and dabbles in home repairs, various crafts, poetry, music, gardening, and Transhumanism. He has enjoyed many years working in Primary, with Young Adults and Ward Missions in various capacities. He currently enjoys serving in his ward and community however he is able. He posts on whatever interests him at the moment at

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