Sunstone is hosting their Second Annual Brigham’s Butter Run, a race/walk event that takes place at Brigham Young’s Historic Forest Farm Dairy House. It is a 5k with a pancake breakfast and after the race, our community will hang out on blankets and listen to Saturday morning Conference. Runners get the added bonus of carrying around a small jar of cream and turning it into homemade butter before the race is out.

Sunstone is holding a contest to see which blog can get the most participants to show up.


Come watch conference with Rational Faiths and if you are a runner, register here and show your support. Please wear a red ribbon on your arm to show you are there representing Rational Faiths.

If you can’t attend in person, you can donate $5 to benefit Sunstone and mention that you are representing Rational Faiths to have your donation count towards our attendance. HELP Rational Faiths WIN THIS AND SHOW THAT WE ARE BLOGGERNACLE CHAMPIONS!! You’d BUTTER register now!

However, since we are but an obscure blog of little consequence in the world, we must work all the more diligently to obtain participants. So, we have tried to motivate our readers in the best ways that most Mormons will be familiar with, to call them all to unite with us at the great bloggers Butter Run.

Mormotivation #1, The Special Snowflakes:
Remember, you are readers of a choice blog who have come to the internet and this marathon at this time for a specific purpose. No one else can give pageviews the way you can, and by running for Rational Faiths, you will declare yourself a reader of this great blog before the world. That world is the bloggernacle. We don’t know of another.

Mormotivation #2, Prosperity:
As you do what is right, you will prosper. And running for Rational Faiths is the right thing to do which will clearly lead to you getting a promotion or getting 7 more people to feel inspired to sign on to your MLM team. Righteousness=money. So run for us and you’ll get money. If you don’t, it’s probably because you did something bad somewhere else, so don’t blame us.

Mormotivation #3, Holy Shame:
Satan will tempt you with other good blogs to turn away from the best blog. He will attempt to make you feel justified that by running for one that is “good enough,” you will have done enough and can feel secure in your choice. But do not fall into such carnal security! You must never feel like you’ve made a good choice unless it’s the one we’ve told you to make, which is to run for Rational Faiths! Your online salvation could be at stake!

Mormotivation #4, Pedestalized Condescension:
Rational Faiths readers are incredible! They read, comment, and help out our bloggers in their writing. This great blog couldn’t function without you! We need your pageviews and comments to keep us on-track. Just don’t comment too long and remember to not assume you are a blogger.


But wait…there’s more!

Any blogger that runs for Rational Faiths is entitled to our 100% Free LDS Church Coupon Book! This book is filled with printable coupons that can be redeemed to make your LDS church experience much more enjoyable. All you need is a printer. For example:

gift-coupon-template1Or maybe this one:



*This coupon is especially effective in the South

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