Dear Fellow Mormons,

It has come to my attention that some of you are not advocating for a national law mandating recycling. I just wanted to make sure you knew that the Church officially is in favor of environmental stewardship and Prophets since Joseph Smith have preached about our doctrinal need to protect the earth. In fact, here’s an article–by a priesthood leader in a Church magazine–endorsing recycling.

Therefore, if you don’t support a national law mandating recycling, you are disobeying the Prophets, and therefore God. I hope you enjoy fire, because after Global Warming burns up the planet you’re going to be ending up in a place where the fires just don’t go out.


Your (angry) brother.

At least, that’s the logic my fellow Mormons use when they tell me I have to be against abortion in every case, or that government redistribution is Satan’s plan, or that feminism is evil, or that [insert favorite issue here]. Just because you have a broad Church statement and one or two Apostles to back you up doesn’t mean that I’m evil if I don’t agree.

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