Though Mormons don’t like to outright say it, it’s pretty clear that it won’t be too long before we’ll have some new apostles among the 12. While it is a futile effort to try and guess with any accuracy who will be selected to fill any vacancies, a few of us here at Rational Faiths (Laurel, Leah Marie, and Thomas) thought we would ask the question: If the various Mormon contingencies could present possible candidates for apostleship, who would they choose?


Baby Boomers:

John Bytheway

Donnie Osmond

1357940474_Michael Ballam 02

Michael Ballam



“Whomever the Lord chooses… In other words, one of my distant family members”.


Cultural Mormons:



Progressive Mormons:

Richard Bushman

Terryl and Fiona Givens (both of them)

Pope Francis

Pragmatic Heterodoxical Slightly Agnostic New Order Mormons

Jonathan Haidt


Brene Brown


Extreme Right Wing Mormons:

Alex Jones

Alex Jones


Glen Beck


Daniel C. Peterson

Daniel C. Peterson


EFY Youth:

Jeffrey R. Holland Clone #1

Jeffrey R. Holland Clone #2

Jeffrey R. Holland Clone #3


FAIR Mormon:

Brian Hales

Ralph Hancock


Ordain Women:

Alice Paul

Carrie Chapman Catt

Why would they choose 20th-century feminist figures for apostleship instead of modern women? Because they understand that the church is usually about 90 years behind.


Mormon Women Stand:

“Who did OW say? NOT them.”

“Who did OW say? NOT them.”


Nerd Mormons:

Captain Jean Luc Picard






John Dehlin

Denver Snuffer

Denver Snuffer

Jeremy Runnells

Jeremy Runnells

Nursery Kids:





beanie babies

Beanie Babies


Ogden 26th Ward Beehive Class:

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

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