It has come to my attention that some Mormons have had “questions” regarding prophetic priorities. I’ll break it down so that even a child can understand: if the Prophets and Apostles are talking about something, it matters. If they aren’t talking about it, it doesn’t matter.

Let me give you some examples.

  • Find me evidence of any focus by the Prophets and Apostles about what color your living room carpet should be. Can’t? Then it must not matter.
  • Find me evidence of any discussions, announcements, speeches, or press conferences by the Prophets and Apostles about which breakfast cereal is the best. Can’t? Then it must not really matter in the eternal scheme of things.
  • Find me proof of any sort of focus in Church teachings/manuals on the dangers of sexism or misogyny. Can’t? Apparently that isn’t an issue that we should be worried about these days.
  • Find me a conference talk about so-called “climate change.” You can’t? Doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Now some might be able to pull up a quote here or there, or a talk from 35 years ago, or a paragraph from some apostle’s biography that seems to indicate that a particular issue is salient. Talk about ignoring the forest for the trees! If there’s not a current focus on it by the LIVING prophets and apostles, then it. doesn’t. matter.

  • Find me a mention of factory farms, food monopolies, or manipulative food advertising. Can’t? Must not matter.
  • Point out where the Prophets and Apostles have spoken out about deforestation, strip mining, resource depletion, pollution, or waste. Can’t? Hmm. What can we surmise?
  • How about wasteful consumerism? Slave labor? Sex slavery? Domestic abuse, gender discrimination, or LGBTQ hate crimes? See a pattern here? We can care about them on our own time if we must, but just pick a carpet color and get on with your life already.

They just don’t matter that much.

The Gospel is simple and the purpose of life is clear: find the prophet. Once you’ve found the prophet, the thinking is done. Just do 100% of what he says. No more and no less. And then you’re home free.

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