You know what sounds like a great plan for a good time? Sitting in front of the TV/computer for nearly 12 hours watching men in suits and women in colorful dress talk about Mormon stuff.  Okay it doesn’t really sound exciting but it is a huge Mormon ritual we do every six months. For some conference is tedious, for others it is the cats meow, some might be triggered to anger, others handle it without being fired up either way. We found some fine folks who listened to or watched conference this time around and told us what they thought of each session. So listen in folks!

Thanks to Leah Silverman, Brian Kissell, Jonathan Grimes, Jerilyn Pool,  Mark Crego, and Sister Dillman for offering your thoughts on each session.

Brian was born and raised in Northern Utah and is now working as a chemist in Ohio. He has one wife and three children. He currently serves as the ward hall monitor. He likes to eat good food, and build cool things.

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