I’ve never been to Sunstone and sometimes I would like to be able to say that I have never watched Mormon movies like The Singles Ward and others (I can say that I have never watched Church Ball or The Home Teachers, whew!). In this episode Mike Barker makes me want to get to Sunstone one day and Larrin reminds me of myself in another life that was amused and entertained by The Best Two Years (A toddler offers his take on the movie as well). It is fun and lighthearted and if you stick it out to the end I provide the correct plural form of the Book of Mormon that the elders in the movie were never able to agree on.

Brian was born and raised in Northern Utah and is now working as a chemist in Ohio. He has one wife and three children. He currently serves as the ward hall monitor. He likes to eat good food, and build cool things.

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