AdamandeveSomething hissed in my ear that day, made it hard to

hear Father say He loved me and I had done no wrong.

I was His shining star, His brightest daughter.

But when it happened, I tell you, I felt dimmed–


I didn’t know this was my desire unto my husband;

that I would lead him to the Truth, to the place

where my sorrow became the moon

shining in the shadow of daybreak.


Soon I saw Error clear as morning, knew Light

from darkness and I glowed with possibility,

forever turning and turning again with

the earth toward the sun.


I grew up that day–in the very hour.

When I spoke my husband heard the new voice.

What could he do but listen, take my hand and

follow when I asked, Well, Adam, are you coming?



Author’s note: Poetry, especially religious poetry is often layered with multiple meanings. This poem represents not only a re-telling of the Garden of Eden story in the voice of Eve, but of the struggle for balance and communion between feminine and masculine energies within the Self. More importantly, it speaks to the relationship between feminism and patriarchy. The voice of Woman is entreating Man to consider a new model, the possibility of something better that has potential to lead us all toward our eventual goal of reunion with God.

Melody earns a living as a registered nurse, grows a respectable garden, and writes when she's not building sheet forts with her grandkids. Her poetry has appeared in on-line journals, Segullah, Irreantum and small press along the Wasatch Front.

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