Rational Faiths has been the home of discussions about Mormonism and religion since 2012.  The blog offers a platform for discussion across the faith spectrum, offering a variety of viewpoints.  The group of perma-bloggers has often joked that a significant portion of our audience sees Rational Faiths as a TBM blog and another significant portion sees it as an apostate blog. The goal has always been an open place to discuss all aspects of the Mormon faith. And we believe our readers have both participated in making this happen and been appreciative of it.  Our readers and commenters are part of what makes this blog great and keep it going.  We’re so grateful for your support.

And this blog has always been offered without the presence of ads and without asking for donations. It’s not that there is anything inherently wrong with those measures, but that it is just not what the founders of the blog wanted for this space. They have paid for the costs of the blog out of their own pockets from the beginning.

However, we’ve been met with a few challenges, recently.  One of the most charming and interesting things about Rational Faiths is how inviting we are to guest bloggers.  We love when people share their stories and ideas with us, and we think it enhances the discussions held here. As well, the admins of the blog give the perma-bloggers free reign to post whatever it is they want.  This has led to some hiccups, especially when it comes to the use of images.  On occasion, it has come to our attention there have been some copyright issues, and twice now, Rational Faiths has been given fines for copyright violations.

We understand the need to respect and abide by copyright rules.  Credit should be given where credit is due, and no image should be used without permission.  We regret that this has happened.

At the same time, we need your help.  The fines these infringements have cause are a burden we can’t lift on our own.  As well, the costs of maintaining the blog keep increasing, especially as the blog has expanded into the podcast world. We love producing podcasts and have been so happy with their reception, but it has become the greatest expense involved in keeping Rational Faiths going. It is becoming too much for the blog’s founders.  For the first time, we are asking our readers and listeners for donations.  Please help us keep this open, inviting space going for all kinds of discussion about Mormonism. Anything that you can offer will help.

To donate, please click the donate button below or in the right-hand column on this site. If you’ve appreciated the content you’ve read or heard at Rational Faiths–even if you vehemently disagreed with it, but it made you ponderize–please consider supporting the blog and podcast. Every little bit helps.

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