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In the latest posts I have seen on Facebook about women wearing pants to church and the subsequent conversation about women’s equality, certain arguments always seem to pop up in the comment sections. One of the “arguments” that I saw over and over (from women) against women praying in conference was this: “I don’t want to pray in conference!” In my mind I always think, yeah, neither do I! It reminds me of when a teacher asks for a volunteer to say the closing prayer at the end of a class or in front of a large ward activity… Are there 20 hands being raised at the same time so the teacher has to choose? That rarely happens. It has probably never happened. Instead there is usually an awkward 30-second pause during which everyone looks around the room until finally somebody (usually one of the same handful of people) breaks the awkwardness by volunteering. Bottom line – most people do not like getting up in front of crowds. Public speaking is at the top of most people’s lists of phobias. Is that a good reason then for women not offering prayers during general conference – because they probably don’t want to get up in front of the audience and pray anyway since it’s so scary and stressful? Best to just leave it to the men? Seems kind of strange to me. I’m sure that if any of us were asked to say a prayer in General Conference we would be very, very scared but at the same time feel very honored.

Also, consider this short post I read on the blog bycommonconsent.com written by Kristine:

 Why I’d Like to Hear a Woman Pray in Conference

“It’s because every time I’m on a plane, and the captain’s voice on the intercom is female, I get a little teary. I’ve never wanted to be a pilot, and it really doesn’t make any practical difference whether a man or a woman lands the plane safely. I have no eloquent or reasoned argument to explain my emotion. But it matters. It. Just. Does.

I want my daughter to know girls can fly.”

Let Women Pray In Conference

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