In Part 2 of this episode about the Parkland Shootings, the question is asked, “Why has the White Mainstream Media given so much attention to white children being killed, and labeled them as “brave” but not afforded the same coverage and respect when it comes to Black and Brown bodies?”

Dr. Lashawn Williams and Miguel Barker de Valdez tackle this tough question.

To read the New York Times article which from which Dr. Williams read, click here. 
Click here to go to the Cure Violence website (cure
The following video was mentioned by Dr. Williams. It comes from Bernie Sanders’ Face Book Page.   Dr. Williams mentioned the video showing a white teenager holding up an Am I Next sign, which (in the USA) has been a sign held by Black Americans in protest to police shootings.  This is different than the campaign in Canada which addresses murdered and missing First Nations People.  Click here to be taken to Saunders’ video.  Click here to read about Am I Next? in Canada.
This the excerpt from Derald Wing Sue’s Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Science: Understanding and Facilitating Difficult Dialogues on Race Click here. to be taken to Google Books.
Dr. Williams read an excerpt from Gary K. Clabaugh and Alison A. Clabaugh’s Bad Apples or Sour Pickles? Click here to read entire article.

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Dr. LaShawn Williams and Miguel Barker de Valdez


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