• Did the USA really lose 1,470 immigrant children?
  • Has the White Media equivocated on reporting the lost immigrant children?
  • Did President Trump and Attorney General Sessions cause this problem with undocumented immigrant children?
  • How did President Obama use DACA to make Marco Rubio’s presidential run obsolete?

Immigrant attorney, John Almaguer, tackles these questions and more in this episode of the Racism 101 Podcast.

We encourage our everyone of our listeners to call their US Senators and Representatives and leave the following message:

To prevent any further abuses of Unaccompanied Alien Children please advocate for greater oversight for background checks and supervision of Category 3 sponsors.

Click here to read the US Senate’s Subcommittee Report, Protecting Unaccompanied Alien Children from Trafficking and Other Abuses: The Role off the Office of Refugee Resettlement 

Click here to read a Washington Times Article

Click here to read a NYT article explaining the photo of the immigrant children “in cages”

Click here to read the NYT article mentioned in this podcast episode

Trailer about a young man trying to leave the violence of El Salvador and immigrate to the USA:

Mr. Almaguer quoted Pope Francis from this movie:

The play Mr. Almaguer mentioned, Destiny of Desire:


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