1)Why the blog?


Blogging is the fastest and easiest way to let people know about our research and publications.



2)Who started it?


We launched the blog in March of this year. Originally we planned to roll it out as part of an entirely new website, but development is taking longer than expected so we fast-tracked the blog section. The full website should be up by November.



3)What do you see your niche being?


The MI blog provides a venue for scholars at the Institute to highlight their work, which includes the study of ancient Christian, Jewish, and Islamic texts, and research on the Book of Mormon and other Restoration scripture. It also features Q&A’s with prominent scholars outside of the Institute, short book reviews, sneak previews of forthcoming books, and other things that people interested in Mormon studies will hopefully find useful.



4)How did you decide on the banner that is at the top of your blog?


We designed the site with the option to change out the banner whenever we want. Banners can reflect a particular post’s theme.



5)How did you decide on the name of your blog and what significance does it have?


We just named the blog after the Maxwell Institute to keep it simple.



6)If you have/had a podcast how did that come about.  If it’s no longer there, what happened to it?


I started the FAIR podcast a few years ago and recorded sixteen episodes. When I was brought into the Maxwell Institute I wanted to start podcasting again, but during my transitional phase we thought it would be nice to bring in an already-existing show. Kirk Caudle’s “The Mormon Book Review” was a good fit and he’s been providing us with one or two episodes a month. I produce about one episode per month. Kirk focuses on interviewing authors of new books, while my show ranges a bit wider.



7)When did you know you had “made it” in the blogernacle?


I think the MI Blog is still getting off the ground, but being listed at ldsblogs.org is a nice way to get noticed.


Blair Dee Hodges is the Maxwell Institute’s public communications specialist. Blair received his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Religious Studies at the University of Utah in 2010. He recently completed a master’s degree in religious studies at Georgetown University.

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