At the end of July my brother came out to Utah to visit as he does every year. While he was in Salt Lake City he visited some church museums and also stopped to check out the famous church-owned City Creek Mall. He came across this little gem – see picture below – featured at the City Creek. The image was not for a particular store but for the City Creek Mall itself. As you can see, the woman is holding a glass of wine and really pushing the modesty hot buttons with her bare shoulders and low-cut shirt. Shield your eyes! Another like image is also found on the church owned website shown below. It is interesting to me to see how hard the church works to instill the teachings of the word of wisdom to our youth not only to have it all thrown aside here, but seemingly encouraged. The church has also been extremely careful to set a standard in modesty, even to the extent of photoshopping cap sleeves on little girls and covering up angels in classic paintings. So what happened here?


Photo credit: Mike Barker, shown in the reflection

Banner advertisement found on as of October 7th, 2012

Ad on the homepage of KSL, owned by LDS Church branch Deseret Media

Ad on the homepage of KSL, owned by LDS Church branch Deseret Media

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