Dear Sister R,

I’m writing concerning the recent actions for “equality” that have been causing disturbances among the Latter-day Saints. As you know, I am new to work with the Mormons after my repentance and resulting decision to give up my post as Senior Demon and join your academy as a Junior Angel (btw thank you for taking me under your wing). I’m looking forward to learning more about these Mormons I’ve heard so much about.

My first observation is about the group some are calling “agitators,” or “activists” within the LDS flock. It seems that these folks–I’ll refer to them as “activist mormons,” for lack of a better moniker–are destined to be in the minority. I’ve been working with one such person who is unsure of her place in the fold. I have been encouraging her to stay, that she has a needed perspective, but my initial inability to provide her good reasons to do so has prompted some hard pondering on this issue–for her and for me.

When I was a demon I was convinced that the activist christians were on our side. For crying out loud, Sister R, these activist folks have a tendency to all but criticize Church leaders, they sometimes seem to encourage others to be offended. Those around them are certain they are making my former job as a demon much easier.

But it seems they’ve been on God’s side all along. I was wrong. Sure, they’re imperfect–just as much (sometimes more) than the strait-laced sheep they live among. But I’ve found that they’re sincere. And surprisingly engaged.

In this light, I’ve been intrigued to watch their recent actions that happen to align with various social trends of recent decades. They have studied these things out in their minds and hearts and seem convinced that they are on the right track. Until now I would have disagreed with them. I’m still torn by some of their methods.

In light of all this, I’m impressed that God is using activist mormons—often the most despised in their various wards—to prepare the other Mormons for change. To help them hear the arguments from inside the fold, to be influenced by other believers about the merits of the change. Changes like these are never easy, and going cold turkey would almost certainly upset the fragile equilibrium in the flock. God knows what He’s doing, inspiring these activists to engage their fellows in this way.

It looks like God has been waiting for enough activist Mormons to help Him prepare the Latter-day Saints to accept changes that He’s wanted to make for decades.

I look forward to your response and clarifications,

Screwtape, June 7, 1978

Peter and Molly live in Utah where they live a perfectly privileged life with their beautiful and perfect modestly dressed 3.5 children.

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