The following is a talk I gave, but the computer file is somewhat corrupted, so some areas were lost as indicated by the bracketed text.

Today I’ve been asked to speak about the restoration of God’s authority. I know that people like Sister [lost] or Brother [lost] could speak much more eloquently about this, but I guess that a variety of voices is always good. I’m guessing that all of us have stories to tell about the challenges and blessings we’ve seen over the past years.

Let me start by speaking to the young people here. I’m sorry to sound like an old person, you know, that guy who no matter what he says, it all sounds like “you kids get off my yard!”  Still, a little history might be useful. Of course you remember or at least have heard stories about when the announcement came about how our Heavenly Parents had sent Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Esther to restore the Priestesshood.  Of course it is no big deal to you that young men and women pass, prepare, and bless the sacrament, but it is impossible for you to see how much has changed in 15 or 20 years or so. Actually, when I was your age, women didn’t even pray in General Conference and in fact very few went on missions. I know you’re sick of hearing about the past, but back in the day most got married before they really had a chance to go on a mission. Oh, and this might be hard to imagine, but back in the day not only were women not part of decisions in the church, but men were sort of told to not talk about  what was happening with their callings with their wives. To give you an example, I was surprised in 2011 or 2012 when my Stake president told me to treat my wife as another counselor when I was called to a stake calling.

I’m only mentioning that so that you can see how much things have changed. And those are good changes. I will say more about this later. But let me say this: my love of the gospel, my faith in Jesus Christ, my testimony of the Book of Mormon, and my firm belief in the covenants I have made is no stronger now than it was way back then. I’m sure that people were praying that all worthy men would receive the Priesthood for a long time before that blessing came in 1978. I was praying for a full restoration of God’s authority on the earth if it were God’s will for a long time before it came. But even the day before it came, my trust in the Lord and the great unfolding plans and purposes of our Heavenly Parents was just as strong as the joyous day when more of the fullness was restored. Faith and patience generate strength, commitment, courage and compassion, and those are essential traits we need to develop. Even when we see a blessing we want, and even when it seems so right, we can trust in God’s plans, God’s purposes, and God’s timing. The Restoration of all of God’s Authority and the timing of that restoration helped me learn that important lesson. I will add that had that restoration never come, or not yet come, I hope that my faith and patience would still be as strong and abiding, relying upon God’s greater love and wisdom.

It is a wonderful thing that women and men now work as full partners, drawing upon the unique blessings and privileges of the Priestesshood and Priesthood to bless the human family. I will just tell about one instance where a grandchild needed a blessing. Most of you know this story already, and yes, I’m still very, very sorry that I threw my little grandson up in the air and then [lost]. Anyhow, putting my hands on his head with my wife and blessing that child not only produced the miracle I’ve often spoken about, but I will say that it strengthen the bond between husband and wife, grandfather and grandmother at that moment. It made me so grateful for the restoration of God’s authority.

[The remainder of the talk is lost, though at the end there is this final note]

Oh, and before I close, I’d like to say, since I see them sitting right here toward the front, how excited I am about Pat and Jamie’s recent baptism and their temple sealing in a year!

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