Just a quick note to let you know of some new things coming up. I was contacted by the Givens’ publicist to do an interview on how the book “The God Who Weeps”  has helped me and my doubts. I gladly said yes, especially when I learned that the Terryl and Fiona Givens would be there. It was a nice interview, hopefully I don’t come across as a weirdo on TV! We will announce when the show Mormon Times will feature this interview. Until then, READ THIS BOOK! We will have a review of the book in the coming weeks by Jerilyn Pool.

Me with the wonderful Fiona and Terryl Givens

Born and raised in Northern California, Pablo received his education at Ricks College and BYU with a BA in Spanish, minor in PE Coaching. Pablo served his LDS mission during the years 94-96 in Rosario, Argentina. He now runs a skate shop and batting cages in Orem, UT. He's married and has 4 boys.

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