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From listener, G:

You, Miguel, made a flippant comment about people being members of the National Rifle Association, and made it seem like all members were fat old white guys smoking cuban cigars in a dark wood paneled room sitting on leather armchairs thinking up ways to oppress black and brown people.
I want to push back. What has the NRA done for you. I bet your thinking not a thing or nothing good. Ok your right. The NRA has made mistakes as all large political entities will do. Let’s look at what their main goal is, though. Their main goal is to protect the 2 Amendment of the United States Constitution. Now I understand, when it was written it was meant for rich land owning whites but today it is for every American citizen or anyone living in America. Be them black, Brown, purple, green, or blue. It does not matter to the NRA. in fact on of the faces of the NRA is a black man. Now you may say he’s “white washed” but that is up to you to decide.

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Dr. LaShawn Williams and Miguel Barker de Valdez



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    The `14th Amendment 

    The FBI definition of terrorism

    Justice Department definition of terrorism definition of terrorism

    The NRA Cincinnati Revolt

    A history of the evolution of the  NRA

    NRA-ILA article about Justice Stevens’ dissenting opinion regarding the 2008 Heller case

    History of the NRA, from the NRA’s website.  Miguel quoted extensively from this article.

    Article discussing whether or not the NRA is terrorist organization

    Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, stating the NRA is a terrorist organization

    The More Perfect podcast episode from which Miguel cited and quoted.

    The Backstory podcast episode from which Miguel cited and quoted.

    Detailed overview of District of Colombia v. Heller

    This is the YouTube video “G”  shared in his email:














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