• Why do Black Mormons call the 1978 revelation, “The 1978 Restoration?”
  • Why is it important for Black Mormons to tell their own stories?
  • Why is The Legacy of Black LDS Pioneers: Building Zion Conference (which was organized by 7 black LDS women) occurring the day following the LDS Church’s “celebration” of the priesthood and temple blessings restoration to those of Black African ancestry?

These two questions and more are discussed in this episode of the Racism !01 Podcast as Dr. LaShawn Williams and Miguel discuss tomorrow’s Legacy of Black LDS Pioneers Conference, which celebrates the 40 year anniversary of Black Mormons having the priesthood and temple blessings restored to them.

Click here to visit the Legacy of Black Pioneers’ page.

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Dr.Williams and Miguel


    LaShawn is a mental health professional in Utah, USA. She is a lifelong member of the LDS Church and sees the Gospel as an invitation to live a full and authentic life.

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