short-story110The power of story should never be underestimated.  Studies have shown the effectiveness of one story. The impact of a story is impossible to quantify.  Anonymous surveys allow the participant to reduce the risk of sharing their personal journey.

I cannot emphasize enough how extremely needed narratives regarding Mormon faith crises are in addressing concerns and issues and in the creation of a more comprehensive and  compassionate dilaoge.

In my opinion as a faith community we lack the vocabulary that encapsulates the reality of faith transitions.  Your story is important. Please consider putting your journey into words.  Actually 700 words or less 🙂

Here is what the Survey states: 

Faith Crisis Stories

As part of a larger study, a team of independent volunteer researchers is soliciting personal LDS “Faith Crisis” stories. The purpose of these stories is both to understand the “faith crisis” phenomenon in greater depth and to communicate actual faith crisis narratives to others, including university researchers, independent social scientists, and general authorities concerned about the effect of faith crisis on the modern Church. If you are among those who have lost or presently are losing faith in the LDS Church, in Joseph Smith, or in the Restoration, we would appreciate your taking a few moments to share your experience. No personally identifiable information will be captured in this survey.

Jessica is a Master's Student at King's College London, where she studies religion in the contemporary world. She recently completed an advanced Diploma in Religious Studies at the University of Cambridge. She earned a Bachelors from BYU in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. She is married to her best friend, and they have 4 daughters.

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