Who shouted out, “STOP PROTECTING SEXUAL PREDATORS!!!” three times during this past General Conference?
– Leah Marie and Miguel talk with Crystal Legionaires about why she did this.
To look at some of the data regarding sexual violence, click here, and here.
To read (and listen to) people’s reactions to Crystal’s outburst, click here¬†(scroll down to second video to see entire clip)
To watch a short interview with Crystal on Fox 13, click here


Click here to be taken to LDS.org. ¬†Begin watching at 10:50 and note how the audio has been muted right when Crystal yells out, “Stop protecting sexual predators.”

Leah Marie earned a BA in Political Science, and a Masters in Public Administration. She is currently working towards her PhD in Public Policy. She is wife to an English professor, and mother to 3 beautiful boys.

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