Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have always been very proud of their children and family members as they progress through the gospel. In the past when the celebration of life events overshadowed the purpose of the step that a person was taking, the leadership of the church saw fit to place humble limits on the nature of how we celebrated important milestones. Eagle Courts and Young Women Medallion recognition nights were combined. Mission farewells were re-organized in order to ensure that the sacrament service be focused on the Savior as well as keeping the rest of the Sabbath holy. Likewise, baptisms were becoming too extravagant which took away the spirit and real meaning of the event, a child making promises to Heavenly Father. In order to curb these celebrations and keep the focus on the Savior rather than the individual, the church combined baptisms on a stake level.

It has come to our attention that when a person is called in for a disciplinary court, or “court of love”, vigils and press conferences are being held that bring a lot of attention to the individual. The frequency of these vigils are overwhelming our building’s parking limits, bathroom capacity, muffin supply, and also firecodes. As excommunications have increased and in order to not miss the true meaning of the court of love,┬áthe church will now ask to combine all disciplinary courts and their respective vigils and press conferences into a once a month occurrence. In doing so we can keep our focus on the true meaning and spirit of disciplinary court instead of the individual.

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