In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., and his work and sacrifice within the Civil Rights movement, we share with you this episode about the ongoing struggle, to be treated as humans, that our migrant farm workers are engaged in everyday of their lives.  And a reminder that Civil Rights is something  for which we must continue to fight.

  • Have you ever thought about where your fruits and vegetables come from?
  • What is a migrant farmworker?
  • What is it like to be a migrant farmworker?
  • What are the health outcomes of a migrant farmworker compared to the rest of the U.S.?

All these questions and more are discussed between guest co-host, Thomas Hatton, and Miguel in this episode of The Racism 101 Podcast.

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Dr. Thomas Hatton and Miguel Barker de Valdez


    Thomas has lived all over the place, but calls Kentucky his home. He served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic West Mission. He is father to a beautiful boy and a precious girl. In his free time, Thomas loves to read, draw pictures in MS Paint, and sing heavy metal from the 80's.

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