I went west seeking God.

I wanted to knock at the door and made it known that I am seeking the greater light.

A burning in my heart was the Spirit’s testimony that what I was doing was right for me.

In a sea of people, and under a storm of hail and insults I walked.

Singing my song unto the Lord, I waited.

I approached the gatekeeper and petitioned humanity for the errand of a deity.

I received an un-Christ-like answer in a Christ-like way.

My mission was completed, and not a twinge of regret filled my heart and soul.

I went seeking God.

I found Him in the tear-stained faces of my Sisters.

EOR is a convert and a divorcee. She is the 2013 Wheaties award winning author in the category: "Funniest Thread", and has a B.S. in Business Management and Economics. In addition to being a permablogger at Rational Faiths, she also is a permablogger at Expert Textperts. She lives in NY, has 2 cats, and enjoys brevity, deli sandwiches, and laughing.

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