One night while scanning Facebook, I  happened to notice one of my friends posted a picture of a first edition Book of Mormon. Of course it peaked my interest on where he got his hands on this rare item. He explained to me that they have a family friend that owned a book store and now collects rare items. I thought that was pretty cool! He told me that the friend comes by every now and again. The next time he was in town my friend would let me know so I can see some of the cool items in his collection.

Within a couple of months I was notified he would be in town, so I headed over to his house with excitement to see what rare things I would see. I was not let down one bit.

He had some really interesting things. Here is a picture of some of the items:

Adolf Hitler Dessert Fork - I should have been a hand model...

Adolf Hitler Dessert Fork – I should have been a hand model. Notice the A.H. at the bottom.

Hitler Thank You Note

Hitler Thank You Note

Jew Documentation

Jew Documentation

Brigham Young's Doctrine & Covenants

Brigham Young’s Doctrine & Covenants

Signed by Brigham himself!

Signed by Brigham himself!

It was all very cool stuff! The item that stood out to me most was a letter penned by Mother Teresa herself. I’ll type it out so you it will be easier for you to read. In this simple short letter, I got a sense of what she was all about. The letter also served as a great reminder to myself of how I can do better to lift up others.

Dated: 21/12/75

Dear Mr. GG Wagner,

Many thanks for your kind letter of 11/11/75. I am glad you were happy that all went well at the UN. (United Nations) I must tell you, I felt like fish out of water in that crowd of businessmen and leaders. I never feel like that with crowds much greater – but closer of our kind – the lepers, the dying, the unwanted, the helpless, the unloved, the lonely.

Thank you for inviting me – for I have a better understanding of the rich – Who day after day have to accept the roll of entertaining and being entertained – There gatherings need the presence of Jesus – very much.

Happy & Holy Christmas and God’s blessing in 1976. Pray for me – as I do for you.

God bless you

After I read this letter I asked myself how comfortable I would be amongst the lepers, the dying, the unwanted, the helpless, the unloved and the lonely. How comfortable are we with our gay brothers and sisters sitting with us as we worship? I hope we can make room for everyone to worship with us if they so choose to do so. I hope we can make it a safer place, a place of love. I believe we are good people, but I know we have a lot of work to do. I believe Mother Teresa held up that light of Christ. “Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up…And ye see that I have commanded that none of you should go away…” (3 Nephi 18:24,25)

Here is the original letter:

Page 1

Page 1

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Page 2

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