In 2016, Colorado Faith Forums was created to provide a platform for members of the LDS Church in Colorado to engage in thoughtful discussion of Mormon history, art, theology, and culture. In the spirit of Sunstone, the Mormon History Association, the Miller-Eccles Study Group, and similar conferences and events, Colorado Faith Forums was built on swelling, local demand for an outlet to learn and talk about important currents in the Mormon faith.
To date, the group has hosted evening discussions with Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, at which she presented her new book, A House Full of Females, and with Claudia and Richard Bushman, at which they talked about LGBT issues, the role of women in the LDS Church, and Joseph and Emma’s relationship. Future events with Mormon authors, artists, and scholars are in the works.
Colorado Faith Forums will be holding its signature event, an annual Symposium, on September 9th, 2017, in Denver, Colorado. This year, four well known women scholars have been invited to present on topics ranging from Zion-building, to women’s authority, to generational differences among Mormons. The presenters — all familiar to Rational Faiths readers — include Fiona GivensNeylan McBaineMargaret Blair Young, and Jana Riess.
Held at the University of Denver, tickets to the Symposium cost $40, with lunch included in the cost. This event should produce a lively, intimate setting to hear from some of the most engaging and important voices in Mormon studies today.
Further information on the Symposium can be found at our website or on Facebook. Please contact us with any questions, and, of course, please share this post with anyone you think would be interested in attending next month.
We hope to see some of you there!