Margaret Young

We cannot tell you how excited we are that one of our favorite and most popular guest bloggers, Kylan Rice, interviewed Margaret Young for the new podcast,” A Thoughtful Faith.”   For those of you that don’t know, A Thoughtful Faith podcast is done through the Open Stories Foundation which is spear-headed by John Dehlin.  The other podcasts that fall under the umbrella of the Open Stories Foundation are: Mormon Stories (hosted by John Dehlin), Mormon Matters (hosted by scholar, Dan Wotherspoon), Mormon Stories Sunday School (hosted and taught by PhD candidate, Jared Anderson). Click here to be taken to the podcast interview, or you can also find it in Itunes under “A Thoughtful Faith” podcast.  Seriously, we are as excited as little school girls!!

For those of you that have not read  of Kylan’s two posts that he has written for,  click here or click here

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