We shall call him Justin, he has so many names.
He came to Earth to show us, each of us has a flame.
His extinguished early, sixteen is too young to die.
The pain he felt, from beliefs untrue, was the reason why.
God made him whole, blessed with many gifts, and asked him to be of love,
But with the endless judgement he saw, took his life, now in peace above.
Can’t we stop this stupid insanity of destruction?
Why did God’s word, get so perverted in instruction?
What is, is is. Let each person be,
True to themselves first, through their hearts they will be free.
Judgement kills, another has died, how many more to be followed?
I am not here to condemn you, but it is time this bitter pill be swallowed.
Brothers and sisters, mothers and father, friends and family too,
Keep preaching your rationales for excommunication, sitting in those pews.
How about this, let’s try love, maybe that would be nice.
Alive he’d be, today we’d see, no one should pay that price.
We devalue and destroy, by misunderstanding our sexuality.
That energy is, of the very same stuff, referred to as spirituality.
Teach one to hate, a part of their soul, may they rest in peace.
But if you truly love your fellow man, it is time for this to cease.
The gentle souls, that experience love, in a different way,
Are not here to be condemned by you, what would Jesus say?
Go on, kill another, let the oceans be filled with many tears.
Where this hate comes from, is but a projection of our fears.
This is my goodbye to Justin, God I hope you are the last.
When my judgement comes, I’ll answer then, I loved as I was asked.

Dan Ryken, grew up in Napa California. He has had many careers, sales related, including founding a successful software company. He lives in Benicia with Ellen, his wife of 10 years. They met dancing West Coast Swing. A Toastmaster for 3 years, he recently defended his Division title as the winner of the International Speech Contest, Division C, of District 57. A year ago, poetry began to come forth. Dan is taking Voice lessons to improve his ability to communicate.

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