There is a definite trend within Mormon culture to sort of offer your Mormon-CV every time you meet a new Mormon. This of course becomes even more necessary for some reason when defending one’s self against accusations of apostasy or outright devilry. There is so much Bishop-on-Bishop word crime in these situations one would think we weren’t practicing the same religion…which is probably the point that either side is trying to make.

Before I go any further (and this will be a very short post because I am out of town) I want to make it absolutely clear that I am 100% guilty of this same activity. I’m not necessarily writing about it here to condemn it; more to bring it to light in a shared moment for us all.

When challenged, I have seen even the most staunch anti-Mormons bust out their Mormon street-cred. It is quite a sight to behold while we all grapple and scrape at each other throwing out names of ancestors and arguing over who was here first; these rendezvous’ turn into the very definition of a hipster party. We jockey for position as if it has any bearing on anything whatsoever.

Whether introducing ourselves in a friendly manner or in a battle of 6s and 7s we do like to be first. We like to have been here the longest because then and only then will we prove that we alone may go unchallenged. There is a good place here for a joke about The Three Nephites, but I’m just a lowly convert—I’m sure some glorious BIC soul can be a proper standard bearer.

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