We as Americans can often be fairly egocentric, and thus our understandings of differing countries and cultures can be fairly poor. In this episode, we speak with Margaret Blair Young, who is currently working on a project which challenges some of the misconceptions surrounding Africa. To learn more about this project visit the Heart of Africa Film Facebook Page. To help support the project, and to help increase the project’s success, visit their kickstarter campaign where they are attempting to raise funds. This interview and discussion of Africa consisted of a panel discussion with Margaret Blair Young, Russell Stevenson, Mukon Ngoyi , and Brian Kissell. Please feel free to share any comments or question in the comment section below.

Resources Mentioned

King Leopold’s Ghost


Black Mormon

For the Cause of Righteousness

Miss Earth

Brian Kissell has a deep love for Mormon podcasts, as they have been an extremely influential tool for him as he has traveled on this wonderful faith journey within the Mormon World. He believes in big tent Mormonism, and is interested in recognizing better ways to value and increase diversity, while simultaneously increasing our ability as a culture for differing individuals to talk to each other in more productive and healthy ways. Brian is also the host of a few other podcasts. One of these is a short faithful devotional podcast centered around Mormon quotes which can be found at Mormonquotes.wordpress.com. Another is a psychology podcast which can be found at Methodologyforpsychology.org.

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