I’ve had a recurring dream where I’m in public wearing nothing but my underwear. Because I am an active, endowed Mormon, I wear garments. So in my dreams I’m wearing just my garments for everyone to see. In my dreams I’m embarrassed to be seen in my garments. Apparently dreams where the dreamer is exposed, either through being naked or not wearing pants, etc. are somewhat common. However, my dream seems to have a uniquely Mormon component to it. After all, I’m not just being seen in my underwear, but in my secret Mormon underwear. And in my dream I’m very aware that it is my garments on display, not that I’m simply almost naked.

I don’t know anything about dream interpretation. Is it all a bunch of BS? Pseudoscience? Pop-psychology? A legitimate discipline? Dreams are a frequent tool of God in the scriptures to tell us things. Is God trying to tell me something? I didn’t bother trying to answer any of those questions for this blog post. I just googled my dream and saw what I came up with. In the end, I found a guy who calls himself Professor Fecalhorfer (http://thanksprofessor.com/2011/the-loss-of-pants/) .He uses pictures of people with photoshopped dog heads to represent himself.  As far as I can tell he is not an actual Professor. But don’t worry; he’s going to give us some great tools for interpreting my dream. Maybe.

dog professor

So says the Professor: “Clothing is a metaphor for the identity and as such, it functions in the dream world as a mechanism of security.  One can don any costume and hide one’s true self from the world; when clothing disappears, it leaves everything “hanging out” for the world to see, so to speak.  To dream about a partial or complete loss of clothing, then, is usually equated to the exposure of some aspect of your true personality that you wish to hide from the world.”

When everyone sees me in my garments, there is no hiding my Mormonism. The Professor says that being exposed in a dream in this way represent the exposure of a part of myself I’m trying to hide. Does that mean I’m trying to hide my Mormonism? Am I embarrassed to be a part of this religion? Do I subconsciously want to leave Mormonism? Or is it just something I don’t want to be public? I don’t usually feel embarrassed about Mormonism. The topic seems to come up with some regularity among my co-workers, usually because I find some “natural” way of bringing it up. Mormonism is a large part of my life, and it is on my thoughts very often, maybe even too often.

The Professor says, “If you felt mortified upon losing your pants, it is likely that you are fearful of being ridiculed or disgraced for revealing your true feelings to a person or peer group that may not be accepting of your revelation.” Perhaps in my post-Faith Crisis Mormonism, I’m embarrassed to think that everyone would know I’m Mormon without explaining that I’ve put a lot of thought into it? That they might think I’m an un-questioning member of a “weird” religion?

Should I be worried that I might be subconsciously embarrassed of Mormonism? Is this an underlying issue meaning I won’t stick around in the long run? I’ve used the “?” symbol way too many times in this post. That’s the problem with dream interpretation. There are any number of interpretations based on individual circumstances and the specifics of the dreams, before even mentioning the possibility of the dream not meaning anything. If God is trying to tell me something with the dream I’d appreciate it if he would say it a little more blatantly. Regardless, the dream has given me something to think about, or “ponder” as proud Mormons would say. I’m not sure if possibly-subconsciously-embarrassed-Mormons use a different word.

So, amateur dream interpreters, what does my dream mean? Have you ever experienced something similar? Are you ever embarrassed to be Mormon?

Dr. Thomas is a metallurgist living in Pittsburgh with his wife and two children.

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