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Q: Why the blog?
A: I felt like fMh was mostly full of women who were at a different place in life than me and many like me, and I felt like it would be helpful to have a space dedicated to younger Mormon feminists.
Q:Who started it?

A: I did 🙂 On July 19th 2012.
Q:What do you see your niche being?
A:  Younger Mormon feminists, many or most of whom are not married and don’t have kids and are either in school or just graduated.
Q:  How did you decide on the banner that is at the top of your blog?
A:  A graphic designer messaged me that she was interested in designing a logo for yMf, so she did a few different potential images and I chose this one because I liked that it was sort of a play on the angel Moroni but as a female- that she is sounding a trumpet for change, and that her flowing hair suggests motion and moving forward.
Q:  How did you decide on the name of your blog and what significance does it have?
A:  I deliberately chose to call it Young Mormon Feminists because besides wanting the title to be simple and descriptive, I knew I wanted the words to be in that order. Mormon is an adjective that describes us- we are feminists who also identify as Mormons, not necessarily Mormons who identify as feminists. That may not be true for every person in the yMf community but I deliberately placed the words in that order.
Q:  If you have/had a podcast how did that come about.  If it’s no longer there, what happened to it?
A:  We don’t have a podcast. There are approximately one billion podcasts in the online Mormon sphere, and I am a poor college student with little time or money to produce one anyways.
Q::  When did you know you had “made it” in the blogernacle?
A:  Well maybe a few weeks after yMf started, Joanna Brooks shared the link to the blog on facebook and we got a ton of new readers. But I think the moment when I really felt like yMf had moved beyond being a newbie on the block to really contributing consistently original and relevant material was when we published the post about the dangers of male immodesty on BYU’s campus. It went viral. I think that post kind of captures who we are at yMf- we’re a bit more lighthearted I think than some of the other blogs, we hate modesty rhetoric and dress codes, we are tired of the double standards for women and men, and we are really, really hilarious.

Hannah is a 20 year old BYU student majoring in political science and minoring in women's studies, set to graduate in April 2014. Besides running Young Mormon Feminists and dabbling in the bloggernacle, Hannah likes watching documentaries on Netflix, debating anything and everything with her cohorts in Provo, and making incredibly delicious sandwiches.

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