SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! (Using my monster truck voice) Everyone ready for the big announcement this Sunday? Have you started guessing what the meeting will be about? Is it going to be service missions? Is it going to be about lowering the sister missionary age? Will it be announced that the sister missionaries can serve for 2 years? Is it going to be about new missions opening up? Will missionaries now be using for the discussions? Or, will it be that the missionary program is going digital?… Well turns out, according to our sources the big announcement on Sunday is this:   The mission program is going digital. Which involves a whole mess of iPads. I don’t know if this will be just for North America or if it will be worldwide.  Either way, it seems that missionaries will soon be carrying iPads instead of flip charts, etc.

Hooper iDistrict in Ogden, Utah

Hooper “iDistrict” in Ogden, Utah

So let’s go over the pros and cons:


  1. Digital media is much easier to update than printed manuals.
  2. Searching for scriptures will be much easier.
  3. More resources will be available to the missionaries and investigators.
  4. Videos and images can be better used for teaching.
  5. Angry Birds breaks to keep the kids involved with the lessons.


  1. iPads are expensive.
  2. iPads can break.
  3. iPads don’t do so great in extreme temperatures. (Central America, Brazil or Rexburg, Idaho)
  4. I believe missionaries will be targeted for theft, if the general population absolutely knows they are carrying an iPad. Safety might be an issue.
  5. The Church might come across as out of touch if they bring an iPad into a poor home with a dirt floor.
  6. Missionaries might become too dependent on videos to bring home the message and therefore their teaching skills won’t develop. IE: Picture the worst Sunday School teacher coming into class and popping in a video.
  7. Droid users will be jealous.

I’m still hoping that they will talk about service missions and the Just Serve program, but alas my hopes might have to wait a few more years. I’m hoping our sources are wrong and they still announce service missions.  So what do you think are some of the Pros and Cons? Will the cost of updating printed manuals offset the cost of the iPads?

Born and raised in Northern California, Pablo received his education at Ricks College and BYU with a BA in Spanish, minor in PE Coaching. Pablo served his LDS mission during the years 94-96 in Rosario, Argentina. He now runs a skate shop and batting cages in Orem, UT. He's married and has 4 boys.

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