We screwed up episodes 3 and 4.  We tried to correct the problem and we screwed it up worse.  So we decided to re-release episodes 3 & 4 under the same episode.  We are calling it Episode 3X & 4X because the letter makes everything super cool.

Episode 3

Laura Root answers a call in question from Elaine regarding the November 2015 policy which affects Mormon LGBTQ families.  Laura tells us how she handled the poicy, continues to handle it, and how Elaine can best speak with and support  her Mormon LGBTQ friends who have children.


Episode 4

1. Can you hold a temple recommend as a “practicing” (married) lesbian?
2. Do you desire to hold a temple recommend? Why or why not?
3. How much does your bishop/stake president know about your situation?
4. Have you been subject to any discipline?
5. Are you worried about discipline coming about from your involvement with this podcast?
6. Is your wife LDS and do you attend church together?
7. Do you view the brethren as prophets, seers and revelators?
8. How do you feel about the language of section 132 regarding women and their roles and in the temple regarding wives harkening to their husbands?
9. Were you married to someone before you married your wife?

Laura answers more listener questions.  This time from Shane.

To submit questions to Laura, fill out the form below, or email her at (it is NOT askAlesbianmormon@rationalfaiths).


Laura lives in Boise, Idaho with her 2 dogs, cat, and several chickens. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, nordic skiing, reading, and travel. Laura is single and ready to mingle.

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