I love your podcasts because I respect and appreciate you!  
Furthermore, I had been dogmatically taught, based upon various scriptural citations, that gay relationships were an abominations to the life of a believer!  However, having a nephew who recently came out he was gay has personally made me reevaluate my thoughts on the issue!  I’m a work in progress!  I also now know love must be my central focus no matter if someone is straight, gay or whatever! I Corinthians 13.  It’s the only path to the heart and purposes of God!



I’m confused, I’ve listened to the Rational faiths podcasts for almost 2 years now. I love the content. It has challenged me in several key ways and made me question “is what I believe tradition or Gospel?” And I’ve had to re-examine many of my deep set beliefs and have even prayed about some and received answers I had to really wrestle with.
I tried explaining kindly to my wife about your story and then asked what was really the difference between you in a committed relationship and a “normal” couple regarding the law of chasity and she even said there was nothing different. Then I asked, should she still be dis fellowshiped and she yes for sure. I made double sure she understood you couldn’t even take the sacrament ( I thought I heard you mention that once but I’m unsure) and she said she knew and it was fair because that was the church policy.
I’m just wondering how can I, who now see things differently and don’t follow so blindly, show others that we can embrace all the differences of mankind and make room for everyone that is trying (like you are) to live a gospel centered life?

In this episode of Ask a Mormon Lesbian Podcast, Laura shares a comment from  a listener, JJ, and answers a question from G.

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