I have a question that is somewhat different from previous questions. I am in the Young Women’s program in my ward and I often teach quite progressive lessons. I have a very supportive Young Women’s president and a lot of leeway in what I prepare and teach. Last year I got to teach the dreaded chastity lesson. I actually really enjoyed teaching it and we had a great lesson on consent, respect and other things (I gleaned a lot if my ideas for that class from your Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist, which I also love). The one area I couldn’t decide how to address without getting myself released or into a lot of trouble was something on being LGBTQ.

  • I want the girls to know I am a safe person if they are discovering they are LGBTQ and I also want to teach chastity and relationships in a way that works gay or straight. Do you have thoughts or suggestions?
  • How can we talk about LGBTQ questions with the youth in a respectful way, especially when there is such a broad spectrum of how the LDS community feels on this (I live in a super conservative Utah ward)?
  • What can leaders do to make church more safe for LGBTQ youth?

I feel like many members never want to discuss this, but teens are seeing it every day in school and hearing about it everywhere, I just don’t know how to address this without getting in trouble since I do feel the church will come around some day and support same sex marriage.

Please feel free to edit and condense my questions. I really do love your podcast. I have some LGBTQ relatives close to me in my family and among my friends and this is a subject that is dear to my heart.

Laura answers Nicole’s questions.

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